A Limerick for Economics

Politician's like to pretend that they can grow population and that will grow the economy and that will protect the environment. The Conservatives figured out this bullshit for themselves because they all work for the Chamber of Commerce. The low-brow Liberals had to have it explained to them; by an economist who works for the Chamber of Commerce.

I'm going to go ape-shit crazy the next time I hear of some lizard-brained economist say that the economy can be decoupled from the physical reality that biologists call "the environment".

We know that economists brains have physicality
Because they are so fat, and burn many a calorie
But for all that brain there is no mind
So the economist is forever blind
To any theory that has some semblance of reality.

God bless biologists (even though God doesn't exist)
And God fuck economists and keep them down always!

Apologies to J.P. DonLeavy for screwing with some memorable lines from his unforgetable novel: The Saddest Summer of Samuel S.