Wolfville Election 2012

There will be a municipal debate between mayoralty and council candidates October 9 (7pm) at University Hall, Acadia University, Wolfville. Moderator: Dr. Rachel Brickner

And they're off.

First Out of the Gate, Wendy Donovan for Councillor

Check Wendy Donovan out on FaceBook or Twitter. I never could get the hang of being a twit on Twitter. So I read her hard-copy brochure, instead.
  1. Wendy seems to think that property standards need improving. I guess she's seen our place. We'd fix it up, honestly, just as soon as we finish paying the property taxxe. (Wolfville is too classy to just have tax.)
  2. And Wendy has a plan to deal with those rowdy kids from Acadia U, improved bylaws and better enforcement. Hells bells Wendy, it's not as though we don't already pay for the Rolls Royce of police forces!
  3. Wendy thinks that Council should make it a priority to control rental properties. Sounds like Wendy will be directing Council to hire more sticky-nosed bureaucrats to meddle in other peoples business. Wonder how much that'll cost us?
  4. Wendy is big on Imagine Wolfville. I had a quick squizze. As far as I can see, there seems to be a bunch of stuff about subsidizing churches and just about everything else that anyone could "imagine".
  5. Wendy is big on making a Wolfville a walkable/bikeable community. This sort of talk is usually code for eliminating parking spaces and cluttering up the roads. It makes my arthritic knee ach.

    Still, Wendy is perfectly nonspecific. It seems like she's into master plans and talk feasts. Heck, the most-walked road that doesn't already have a foot path is Wickwire.

  6. Wendy wants "residents and businesses to seize the opportunities around us". It seems that this should be done in order to sustain the Town of Wolfville in the style to which it has become accustomed! In the old days we worked for "the man", nowadays we work for "The Town".
  7. Wendy is not keen on adding to the taxxe burden of local businesses. Apparently Wendy thinks that the residential taxxe base is insufficient. Wendy has a plan to gather more money for "The Town" by broadening the taxxe base. It's hard to figure out what specifically, if anything, Wendy might have on her mind:
    • Perhaps Wendy thinks to taxxe the nonresidents?
    • Perhaps Wendy thinks to have a Towne of Wolfvillee sales taxxe or an income taxxe --- only residents wouldn't have to payye it, of course...
    • Beats me.
My conclusion, Wendy is taxxe and spendde.

Second to scarper out of the blocks, David Mangle for Councillor.

Our well-known peacenik, David Mangle, stopped by for a brief chat and dropped off his hard-copy brochure. Some of David's ideas for 2012-2016 are: I had a concern which I raised with David. Remember, gentle reader, how the Town of Wolfville put the skids to the rezoning of the Elderkin and Hennigar farms. The Town argued that rezoning would be detrimental to the Town water supply. I pointed out to David that a farm is NOT a pristine ecosystem. Rather, a farm should be thought of as a highly eutrophic food factory. I didn't like the idea that my drinking water might have drained from a farm. David assured me that my fear was unfounded because the well was very deep and extracted water that had not come from the farms. But if that is true, then surely the Town of Wolfville has been fraudulent. You can't argue that on the one hand the farms have nothing to do with the Town water supply while arguing on the other hand they are critical to the Town water supply!

I hold David in high regard for exposing this fraud. On the negative side, David is inclined to taxxe and spendde.

Rounding the bend with his nose scraping the rails, it's Hugh Simpson for Councillor.

Hugh dropped off his brochure while I was out. Hugh the hero is a man of some experience. Here are a few of his "Goals and Priorities for the Next Council". My conclusion: Hugh is trying to get off his taxxe and spendde habit --- but like alcohol, it's not an easy thing to break free from. Perhaps, with better company, Hugh might make the breakthrough!

You've seen the signs and now he's racing down the home straight, it's Garry Balcom for Councillor.

Garry Balcom dropped by. No frilly pamphlet. Direct and to the point, Garry seems to understand that the Town operating budget is an overstuffed, wallet-sucking blackhole that has produced nothing but talk feasts and decaying infrastructure. I get the feeling that Garry is a realist and rather too straight to be a politician's politician --- not a proponent of silly frilly stuff. 'nuff said.