Wolfville Election 2012, An Introduction

I've been negligent. For more than a year I have been ignoring Town of Wolfville machinations --- and, in my ignorance, sleeping blissfully.

But there is nothing like an election to ruin a good nights sleep. Dusting off a year of cobwebs, I figured the best place to start was a review of the bottom line.

After trawling through the last decade of Town Budgets, I created this simple graph that summarizes how the Town of Wolfville has been frittering away other peoples money. If there are errors, then it is only because Town Budgets are designed to hide the bottom line in a haystack of piffle. If anyone has data prior to 2001, I'd be interested in extending the plot!


The plot shows the total bill going steeply upwards from 2003-2007. This trend would have certainly continued were it not for Council overstepping itself with changes to the zoning bylaws which prompted a citizen revolt. People were then inspired to consider the Town Budget, among other things. Council had thought to seriously sting the taxpayer in 2008 but citizens made them think again.

The 2008 election swept some of the spend-thrifts from Council to be replaced by "a few men of reason", we hoped. But Bob Stead remained as mayor along with key henchmen on Council. Nevertheless, the new men did manage to contain costs for a time. Total expenditures actually fell!

Unfortunately, the cost of government was brought into line by cutting the Capital budget (road repairs and basic infrastructure). The Operating Budget (money to pay for too many fat-cat bureaucrats and talk feasts) was not brought in line.

Obviously, it was just a matter of time before declining infrastructure would require more capital expenditure. And so we saw capital expenditure begin an upwards acceleration, starting 2009. The spend-thrift faction on Council (and bureaucrats on staff) was getting the people acclimated to paying more.

The PVSC entered the fray, in the traditional way. These useless bums (who have the gall to suck on the taxpayer teat) artificially inflated property values, again. The bureaucrats immediately took advantage, instead of adjusting tax-rates downwards, these fiscal-leeches simply took rising valuations as a premise to dig deeper into your pocket. And so we see the steep rise of the Operating Budget following the steep rise of the Capital Budget.

Now we have elections coming up. A bunch of "nice" candidates are going to tell you about all the "nice" things that they are going to do for you. They will have all sort of "visions" and "imaginings". They will all be "sustainable" without ever saying what exactly they are sustaining.

I'm Brian Sanderson and I'm NOT running for Council. I'm NOT running for Mayor. I'm NOT here to have "nice" "visions" and "imaginings" like some burned-out hippie smoking wacky-baccy.

I'm here to analyze the bulldust and tell it like I see it.