Pea-brained, Humourless, Women-hating, ISIS-Imitating, Kurd-killing, Egomaniacal Erdogan inspires poetry

Erdogan calls for a free-speaking comedian to be prosecuted by Germany. His girlfriend, the less than Angelic Merkel, agrees! Douglas Murray says it's time to stand up for free speech and exercise your right to write a filthy-dirty, slanderous limerick about the cocksucker.

I found out about this too late to join the fun but I'm delighted to keep the pot boiling

Fuck you Erdogan, you freedom-fucking, speech-fucking, class-A moron.
You boast about fucking goats but we all know you use a plastic put-on
'Cause your cock's too limp and too small
To fuck anything much at all.
Turks, wipe that turd and flush twice, to be sure that the fuckwit is gone.
Damn, slanderous but not totally filthy.

See if you can do better.