What stoning adulterers tells us about the freedom of religion

I take a moment to reflect upon the brutality of theocracy in Saudi Arabia. I just signed a petition to object to a woman being stoned to death for adultery. The petition is flawed because it conceded that adultery is a crime, so I was conflicted to sign it. I do not agree that "adultery is a crime", I think that it's just part of being human.

And I also to shed a tear for Atena Farghandani who is being brutalized by the Iranian theocracy. I have posted Atena's artwork on my webpage .

In all of this, I wonder where our "Canadian Office of Religious Freedom" is to be found? Where is the Government of Canada? Where is the Government of Nova Scotia? They are all mute.

Let us be rid of this obnoxious "Canadian Office of Religious Freedom". We need an Office for Freedom of the Person --- Freedom from the oppression of Religion/Government!

The trouble with "Religious Freedom" is that it has always been an ambiguous term. Increasingly we see it overtly interpreted to mean the freedom of religion to ride roughshod over the life and liberty of any free thinker.

Yes, this is the sort of religious freedom that they have in Iran and Saudi Arabia... Religious states persecute and murder anyone who has a different view.

Years ago I looked into: The Old testament, The New Testiment, and the Koran. They all are about the same god. The books describe a god that is; capricious, sadistic, psychotic, inconsistent, vengeful, and downright nasty --- but he loves you, just so long as you massage his ego in the appropriate way.

Don't believe me? Read the "Holy Books"! Fortunately that god is a fiction. There is not the slightest shred of evidence that he exists. Oh, a swag full of folks believe in this religious swill from an overcrowded time and overcrowded place where people were too ignorant to obtain resources and space for themselves by any means other than by committing genocide on those with a different view.

That's the problem. It's the people who believe this swill that make it real and dangerous. Interestingly, a narrow majority of Christian's and Jews don't believe. They have been infected by a more rational view of the universe, so they carefully select a passage or two from the Holy Books and avert their eyes from the rest. I'd almost trust them, except...

Except that they don't have the courage to edit the crap out of their Holy Books. That makes them potentially dangerous. Indeed, about 30-50% of American Christian's would impose their religious law upon us, if they could. A good many Republican Politician's are also kean in this odious idea. My bet is that we have our fair share of like-minded lunatics in Canada.

At least Christian's have, for the most part, given up on memorizing the Bible. Indeed, many do not even read it at all. The same cannot be said for Muslims.

What about the Muslims? Well, we are told that Islam is a religion of peace. If that sounds strange to you, then you have probably been paying attention to what happens in Saudi Arabia and all those other Islamic Nations. Let us not forget that those vicious, Islamic Nations do their utmost to exert religious influence over Mosques everywhere.

Beware of those who think that they have God on their side!