The demand for respect

According to Jaimie Baillie, there are some things that you cannot joke about. Humour has always made Dictators uncomfortable...

Jad Crnogorac posted a joke in which she sarcastically laughed at a dumb-arse comparison of "roofies" with "Viagra". Jaimie was so incensed by the joke that he threw Crnogorac off the PC ticket.

For the record: roofies (Rohypnol) act as a tranquilizer. Viagra is also a tranquizer. Similar, but... Viagra relaxes muscles in the walls of blood vessels whereas Rohypnol acts more by shutting down the central nervous system.

Oh, and the idiot PC Party says there are some cloths that aren't allowed! I say that there is something pathetic about any man who would complain about a woman wearing a bikini. Indeed, when it's Jad wearing the bikini, I'd wonder if the complainant could even be a man? Jaimie Baillie sounds like a lamb-brained limp-dick.

According to Jaimie Baillie, there are some things you must respect, like religion.

Religion? Think about it. For thousands of years religious goofballs everywhere have been busy believing in their particular god. Yet never once in all that time has anyone turned up even the slightest shred of evidence that god exists. Respect religion? You must be joking!

I say that the demand for respect is the mark of a tyrant.

The Taliban and Jaimie Baillie can take their dress codes and blasphemy laws and shove them where the sun doesn't shine.

Language is not offensive but I'd be very pleased if Jaimie Baillie took offense.

By the way, the leaders of the Liberal Party and NDP are no better. I could have skewered either of them... but they hadn't painted quite such large targets on their sorry arses.