Feeling islamophobic? Motion M-103 is out to get you!

Iqra Khalid is pushing motion M-103 to make Islamophobia illegal. No, more than that, she wants to eliminate it. In her own words, she wants to:
... develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination including Islamophobia, in Canada, while ensuring a community-centered focus with a holistic response through evidence-based policy-making
Before I unpack this motion, I'll explain my own point of view. Like many children of my time, I was taken to church and sunday school to get a weekly dose of religious education. But all that religion just sounded silly to me. Nevertheless, many years later, it might have been 1990, I set myself the task of taking another look at the religious texts. I got my hands on the Old Testament, the New Testament and a Quran.

I found all three to be packed with nonsense. How could any honest, clear thinking person believe so much stuff that was contradictory to evidence?

Then there were the moral problems. Right from the start, the Old Testament tells us to worship a god who practices collective punishment. Believe it or not, mortality is the punishment that everyone must pay because someone did something that didn't please this god. But it gets worse! The foundation of the New Testament is that one person can be sacrificed to atone for the crimes of all the others! How many whipping boys have suffered under the yoke of such religious turpitude?

The real kicker, however, was the jealosy of this god, this god of the Jews, this god of the Christians, this god of the Muslims. The religious texts have a very simple message for followers. That is to kill the unbeliever. And if the first lot don't get you, the next outfit will.

Perhaps not every Christian/Muslim/Jew thinks that unbelievers should be killed. But plenty do! The "moderates" of these religions say that it's only a few extremists. I don't trust them. I will trust them when they strip all the patent nonsense and barbarity out of their holy books.

Until that day, I remain suspicious that religious "moderates" are closet extremists.

Now, let's unpack the motion:

Iqra Khalid would make the whole-of-government a tool of religion. And the Canadian Government just might accommodate her. Islamophiles might be surprised to discover that Muslims don't really like them. Welcome to the Third Jihad.

Don't be a coward, stand up against Islamification.