The Many Gods Speculation

It is a common practice for those of a religious mindset to appeal to scientific authority in order to support their belief in God. Here's and example that is based upon "the many universes theory", that arrived in my email:

There is no evidence to support any other Universe than the one we are in, yet many Atheists, beginning with Stephen Hawking believe in an impossible actual infinite number of universes in addition to our own, which we have yet to explore fully.
The author of this comment, Juan Martinez, goes on to make a make an argument that the belief in God is just as reasonable.

The problem here is that scientists use the word "theory" in two totally different ways. The many universe theory is an hypothesis, just something that might be or might not be. No credible scientist would actually believe it to be a fact. On the other hand, the theory of evolution has been established in so many ways using so many facts that scientists think that it is well established. It is way past time for the theory of evolution to be promoted to the law of evolution --- like the law of gravity.

Scientists also use the word "believe" in a very different way from those of a more religious mindset. For a scientist, a "belief" is always tentative, subject to change if new contradictory, evidence is discovered. For the religious mind, "belief" is immutable so the religious mind condemns contradictory evidence as heresy.

The many universe hypothesis should be considered to be a wild extrapolation using a highly speculative interpretation of fairly well established quantum theory. God? Well, God is pure speculation. And it seems that everyone who believes in God has a totally different belief. We should therefore call religion the "many gods speculation".