The Occupiers: according to Ralph Young

Here is a brief transcript, extracted from a recent edition of The Current, CBC.

Anna Maria Tremonti: "Ralph Young, what do you think, is it too much to ask them to pack up their tents each day?"

Ralph Young, President and CEO of Melcor Developments Ltd: "No I don't think it is and many of the people, there are quite a lot of homeless people who are packing up their [uh] tents or sleeping bags each morning and sometimes moving on [ah] so it works for them."

Later in the interview, Ralph Young does say: "We're doing our best to be respectful..."

Hmmm, Ralph Young may be respectful by his own assertion, but no one could accuse him of emoting empathy for those less fortunate than himself, like the homeless.

Look, I happen to agree that Melcor Developments Ltd should be able to set conditions for users of their property. But it is an outrage for Ralph Young to trivialize the inconveniences experienced by homeless people. Strangely, Anna Maria Tremonti was oblivious!