Outsourcing and Blind Leadership

Mr Givner writes "Free trade and outsourcing of all meaningful jobs to Asia have left the Canadian worker without hope and in despair" (Chronicle Herald, Voice of the People, 10 Feb 2012). On the other hand, such outsourcing gives some hope to a great many desperately poor Asians. For more than 30 years, governments, business leaders and academics have argued that freeing the flow of capital, jobs and resources will increase total wealth and close the poverty gap. All these points of view seem true. Yet there is only a greater sharing of increasing poverty to show for it all! The great failure is caused by the willful blindness of those who lead us. They refuse to acknowledge that excessive global population growth has outstripped any possibility of productivity growth improving the lot of the common folk who reside on this resource-limited planet.

The Asia Pacific Journal of Management plans to publish a special issue called, Asia & Poverty: Closing the Great Divide Through Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Will it be more of the same old academic bullshit?

Is there any politician in Canada who will face the issue squarely?