Hans Rosling says don't worry, children have peaked!

Hans Rosling cherry-picks statistical "facts" to demonstrate that all is well with the world. The following is copied from his website.
world population continueS to grow, but the number of children in the world has now reached its peak.

In 1960 we were 1 billion children below 15 years of age and we were 35% of the world population.

Now there are 1,9 billion children in the world, but they are but 27% of world population.

In 2050 there will still be an estimated 1.9 billion kids, but they will be only 20% of world population.

The reason, 40% of world population has less than 2 children per women and thus compensationg for the 18% that get more than 3 children per women.

Putting aside his stylish prose, let's put Hans Rosling to the test of reason.

The population continues to grow --- and so do the problems. The world presently has billions more than can be sustained with a comfortable lifestyle, given the resources of this planet. Presently overpopulation is the fundamental reason for:

Self-centered bastards like Hans Rosling just don't care about such things --- with his myopic vision, Hans promotes his story line that all is well, do nothing, and fuck any honest assessment of the benighted state that human overpopulation has wrought.

The number of human children has not 'peaked'. Hans misrepresents a forecast as a statistical fact. As Mark Twain put it, "there are lies, damned lies, and statistics". Hans Rosling is a damned liar. Perhaps we could say that the number of children might have stopped increasing but really we just don't know. In order to know that it has peaked we will have to wait for some future time when the number becomes smaller to some statistically significant extent. There are reasons why this may not happen.

Hans states there are two populations --- one growing exponentially and the other declining exponentially. It is a mathematical fact that in such circumstances the exponential growth of the growing population will eventually dominate --- back to exponential growth...

Overpoplation is a serious fact and what is required is insight into the dynamics that drive it --- not the cherry-picked irrelevancies that Hans promulgates! So, until Hans has some new dynamical insight to offer, I remain concerned that there is far too much misery already caused by overpopulation and it is not appropriate to be sanguine.

I suspect that growth will eventually stop, but only because resource limitation makes further growth impossible --- not an auspicious option for a species that presumes itself to be "intelligent".

There are choices for ending population growth. If you follow the teachings of Hans Rosling then you are opting for the most miserable option.

Hans Rosling is a cherry-picking moron and his position is indefensible..