Population Control

"Population Control" are the two most mal-used words in the English language.

The Catholic propagandist, Cristina Odone, uses a call for "Population Control" to label David Attenborough as "sinister". This is no small matter. Before the Enlightenment, when religion was powerful, Cristina Odone's labelling would have been a death sentence for Mr Attenborough.

Now religious power has waned. But religious powermongers are still cunning and controlling.

Population Control: Who's doing it?

As Ms Odome has demonstrated, "Population Control" is a label that lends itself to devastating use by religious propagandists.

I suspect that David Attenborough's message is really more about "Freedom" than "Control". Perhaps Mr Attenborough means to say something like this:

On the other hand, Cristina Odone presses for her Catholic religion to CONTROL our fertility by:
Denying access to effective means of birth control and abortion.
Substituting religous propaganda for education and reason.

The Pope pretends to care about poverty. But the simple fact of the matter is that his religious POPULATION CONTROL PROGRAM has driven population sky high and is the root cause for both inequity and poverty!

Population Control: What's to be done?

Defying God

The injunction to "be fruitful and fill the Earth" has filled the Earth, years ago. Now the Earth is stuffed! God did not say "be fruitful and stuff the Earth". The Pope is defying his Creator!