A question for candidates running in the Canadian 2011 Federal Election.

I googled "liberal health care policy" and this is what popped up: ... the Liberals stand for direct action to put decision-making on hospitals back in the hands of local doctors and nurses. Woops,that's the Australian Liberal Party!

Scrolling down googles list, the third item pertained to Canada in 1998: The future of health care was the topic of debate at the federal Liberal convention in Ottawa this morning. Some of the delegates called on the government to put more money into medicare. It's a rare moment of dissent.

Given recent developments, it now seems that the dissenters have carried the day, big time: Liberals, NDP and Conservatives are all jumping on the "More Funding Bandwagon".

Going down the list to go back to the present, we find: Because this election presents Canadians with a simple question: who do you trust to speak for Canada as crucial decisions are made about the future of our universal health care system? The Liberals outline a detailed health-care platform that focuses on:

The Conservative health-care platform is presented differently and it focuses on:

There is no difference in policy, only a difference in political style. Neither party seems to find any fault with our "universal" health care system. Their platforms might be argued to merely add to a system that is touted to be "universal".

I have less experience of the Canadian Health Care system than most Canadians. That's because I've spent a lot of time living in other places that have other health care systems. Strangely, every government likes to sell its health care system as being the "best in the world". Like Danny Williams, I know enough to know that none of them are correct...

So here is my question for the forum: What shortcomings are built into our Universal Health Care System?

Also, when will autologous Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapies be coming to clinics in Canada?

After the Ball

Well, wouldn't you know it, by the time I'd finished cooking dinner I was too late to get my question in. Never mind because the last question of the evening --- asked by some intelligent person whose name I can't recall, sorry --- served well enough.

Question: How will you make health care sustainable for the next 10 years?

They all chanted families, families, families. Young families and old families, and most especially, green families, orange families, blue families, and red families. Yes, they have a funding package to buy your family. But there was one guy, sitting aside from the crowd, who looked a little uneasy.
What's wrong? I asked.
I don't have any family, says he.
Don't feel left out, the crowd chanted, you get to pay...

Come on guys, and gal. You were asked a serious question!