Which will win? Reason vs religion.

I spotted an interesting article by Rob Brooks about analytical thinking eroding religious belief.

I guess I'd be what Rob Brooks call a "forceful atheist" so I'd totally agree that education in the ways of reason will diminish the sway of dogma, be it religious or otherwise. So, should we expect that reason will prevail over religion?

We live in a time when the methods of reason have, to some extent, "brought home the bacon". The people who belong to the scientific culture are not the majority. To me, the separation between various "intellectual cultures" seems to be more profound today than it was when C.P. Snow lamented it. Indeed, I would say that "other cultures" have made significant inroads into science.

The reason that science (and reason) hold some sway is because they have provided utility. But as the great ecologist Paul Colinvaux explained, utility derived from some innovation leads to population growth and that ultimately reduces the advantage won by reason.

I would say that it is the interplay of human ecology with reason that will ultimately determine whether the trajectory continues towards reason or whether it diverts back towards religious belief. Ultimately, it's a battle of both religion and continued population growth against reason.