How many Religious Fundamentalists are in your backyard?

Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was a philosopher who speculated that stars were suns with exoplanets. The Catholic Church burned him at the stake because he didn't entirely conform with Church doctrine.

Michael Servetus (1511-1553) wrote a book that included the first description of pulmonary circulation. The Catholic Church didn't find his views agreeable but Servetus escaped custody before they could burn him to death. Never fear, the Protestants subsequently tried him and burned him at the stake for not conforming.

We can fairly say that Christianity has been fundamentalist throughout most of its history. The Age of Enlightenment has tamed Christian fundamentalism. Nowadays, Christian's are almost civilized.

The Age of Enlightenment was a distinctly Western European phenomenon. Islamic States did not go through a similar transformation. Islamic states still kill apostates. In Saudi Arabia they cut your head off if you don't abide by religious doctrine. In Iran they hang you, or shoot you.

It's hardly surprising that one type of Muslim can't tolerate another type. So they have become very busy killing each other. They are also migrating to the Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and The Americas.

Is this Islamic influx dangerous?

Ruud Koopmans has published an interesting study that compares the fundamentalism and outgroup hostility of Muslim immigrants with Christian natives.

The study asked the following three questions of both Christians and Muslims who are living in Western Europe:

  1. Christians [Muslims] should return to the roots of Christianity [Islam].
  2. There is only one interpretation of the Bible [the Koran] and every Christian [Muslim] must stick to that.
  3. The rules of the Bible [the Koran] are more important to me than the laws of [survey country]
A fundamentalist is someone who answers yes to all three of the above questions.

Here are the results:
So I ask you: Why would you be surprised by Islamic fundamentalism in your own backyard?