Growth is?

Growth is good on an empty planet. This planet is full. Growth has become uneconomic.

In British Columbia they are increasing taxes to pay for transit infrastructure for their growing population.

To provide jobs for their growing population, they shift the tax burden from business to residents.

Never mind that immigration and foreign investment have made housing prices unaffordable.

Provincial Governments are going deeper into debt in the brainless pursuit of uneconomic growth. As they do so, they make a great sucking sound and drag citizens spiraling down the debt drain.

Good luck to you if you worked hard and were thrifty enough to put a few sheckles aside before they exported your job. The government will vacuum the lot, put you on welfare, and tell you to be grateful.

It's the same story everywhere in Canada.

How much of this "sustainable development" can you stand?

All of Canada's political Parties are focused upon driving population even higher!

Don't vote, it just encourages the bastards!