Provincial Budget 2015

Dear Diana Whalen and CBC Radio,

I appreciate the intent of the Provincial budget in as much as it seeks to address the gap between the economic productivity of this Province and the demands that some citizens (amplified by the ever vociferous CBC) make for ever escalating government services --- not to mention the self-serving demands of our overgrown public sector.

I would not quibble about minor matters --- politicians have the unenviable job of choosing winners and losers --- and others will be more than happy to condemn them, no matter how you choose.

Rather, I find that the present Liberal government is making the same fundamental error as previous Conservative and NDP governments --- as well as governments across Canada and, indeed, most governments throughout the world.

The recent Provincial budget is based upon the economic principle that all problems will be solved, if only we can grow the economy. More particularly, it is based upon a principle that growing the population will grow the economy.

These principles are widely accepted dogma and have been most recently expressed by "The Ivany Report".

For a long time, these principles have been foundational to economics as it has been practised by politicians (but not by thoughtful economists). And yet the outcome has been escalating debt, ever increasing economic insecurity for citizens, and a general decline in well being.

These economic woes fly in the face of the incredible technological and scientific advances of the last century which, in themselves, should have resulted in plenty for all.

Have you ever considered the possibility that you may all be wrong?

There are limits to good growth. Growing population and economy beyond those limits results in bad growth.

Good growth is what produces wealth --- as in well being.

Bad growth is what produces illth --- as in the opposite to well being.

Ultimately, continued growth becomes uneconomic.

I attach a brief audio statement about false growth.

It is not my intent to criticize Mr Ivany, rather to inform you of another view and the prospect of better ways of living.

You might also like to consider some of the analytical thinking at the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

There are many positive measures that could be taken to rectify matters for the longer term. But first it is necessary to dump the false principles that have gotten us into the present mess.

I am, of course, always at the disposal of anyone who desires thoughtful dialogue.

Best wishes,
Brian Sanderson