Electoral Reform: voting for torture

Dear Justin,

It is real nice of the Liberals to enquire about my views. But those questions you ask... They're more loaded than a PEI potato truck.

Now don't get me wrong. The other political party's play exactly the same game. But why waste breath talking about a bunch of losers lost in political Never Never Land. They fumble around in dark corners while you zoom around the world on your zero-carbon magic carpet, sprinking fairy-dust on infatuated feminists.

So, I figured I'd drop you a note.

You do raise more taxing issues than a man can shake a stick at. Just dealing with electoral reform will pretty much blow my bolt.

Being as I've been at the arse-end of a few electoral systems round the world, I figure that I might waste my time tell you a thing or two...

First, an election is when all the people get to decide who's most popular. Then the popular guy goes to parliament but he doesn't have a clue what to do. So he asks some economist who works for the Chamber of Commerce. That really pisses people off and they tell him so. So he's half-glad to step aside when a different arsehole wins the next popularity contest election.

So, I'd say that so long as we are choosing a representative then it really doesn't matter if it's first-past-the-post of mixed-member-proportional-representation. Hell, anything will do if it gives an impression of more than a coin toss.

Representational democracies seem to bungle along providing the old representative agrees to leave before he's become a total arsehole, like Putin. Total arseholes get killed the moment they loosen their grip on the reins of power. You'd almost feel sorry for the filthy-rotten bastards.

The downside of a representational democracy is that the voter is pretty much disenfranchized regarding matters of policy. (Policy is left to that small-minded, self-serving cadre of fat-cat bureaucrats and economists working for Big Banks and the Chamber of Commerce.) This leads to strange circumstances, whereby if you are concerned about your government exporting your livelihood to China, your only recourse might be to vote for a candidate that you otherwise don't much like.

Thus the USA working class voted for the ONLY man who respects their jobs, but at the cost of reviving torture. Here in Canada, not so long ago, we had the even more loathsome Vic Toews. And the Liberals of the time (and mainstream editorials) were more inclined to be cautiously agreeable than to stand up to the bitch.

So that leads me to my idea of electoral reform. Bring back democracy. Real democracy. After the people have voted in the popularity contest, they get to vote on the legislation that their representatives would inflict upon them.

Democracy is dangerous. The vote to kill Socrates was democratic.

That is why we keep the popularity contest. Representational democracy creates legislation but legislation can only be enacted after it has also faced a real democratic test.

Instead of Royal assent, let us have the peoples assent!

What do you think? Shall it be "Rule by One" or "Rule by All"? Monarchy or democracy?

Oh Hell, I don't care. After the people have had their say, let the Monarch add her two-cents. We wouldn't want the old bag to feel left out.


Errr, I mean...