We are all immigrants

During the last Federal Election cycle, I wasn't at all surprised that Scott Brison rolled out the platitude "We are all immigrants" with the all important qualifier "First Nations excepted".

Well, I guess Scott learned a thing or two from CBC, they were rattling "We are all immigrants" ten times a day for 10 months before someone reminded them of the aboriginal people. Trouble is, none of it is true.

Speaking as a two-time immigrant, I know.

Scott, you lied to yourself. You were born in Nova Scotia. You are not an immigrant. Perhaps your forebearers were immigrants? Whatever your family history, it's just not relevant.

The ancestors of some Canadians were transported to North America as convicted felons, as they were to Australia (but not New Zealand). They were exiles, not immigrants.

Other ancestors are sometimes called colonizers. Certainly, they were not immigrants in any modern sense of the word. They did not seek permission. Neither were they granted permission. In truth, they were not colonizers. The land was already full of people. People with their own culture. People who they would displace. The so-called colonizers were invaders.

What does it mean to call someone an "immigrant" when their family has lived in a place for generations? Culturally, we change. Family fortunes come and go. Biologically we change. We are not our grandfathers. Genetically, we are half of each of our parents. Statistically we are a quarter of each of our grandparents and so forth. But that's like rolling dice. You may have none of great, great granddad Joes genes. While our forebearers are absolutely responsible for our existence we cannot be made synonomous with them, be they immigrants or not.

Perhaps there are some who would regard "We are all immigrants" to be a false statement in the service of some larger good. What good?

Perhaps your greater good is to enshrine a notion that all citizens are the same? Well, they're not. When you force square pegs into round holes you should expect things to get bent out of shape.

Perhaps your greater good is to sell a belief that Canadian citizens have no more claim to Canada than anyone else who happens to take a fancy to the place? That would fit the narrative of CBC and Justin Trudeau, which is the pursuit of population growth by immigration.

Well, that's what was forced upon the aboriginal people of this continent. It worked out swell for them.

The aboriginal people did not benefit, even though that was a time when resources were abundant and technological/scientific advance really was delivering the bacon for our species.

Technologies saturate. The utility of knowledge saturates. Resources become depleted. Our best resources are already gone. Things do not look "sunny" for the aboriginals everywhere on this overpopulated planet.

Scott, you are not an immigrant. You, you silly sod, are the new aboriginal.