The lying bastards

From time to time the media gives us the usual spin about how wonderful it is that the price of housing just increased. Yesterday, 11 August 2014, they did it again... Every media outlet --- including the CBC news --- uncritically ran the same story: "The price of housing has skyrocketted, so we are all rich, Rich, RICH!"

This isn't news, it's propaganda!

Does it give you a warm glow on a cold winters night when the price of heating oil goes up like a ruddy rocket? Do you get a little more peppy when petrol prices climb to a new peak? Does your tummy feel better when the price of food increases? Would you feel a whole lot better off if the price of your auto doubled? Of course you would, and you only wish you could pay more tax to boot!

So why do you feel rich when the price of housing doubles? I'll tell you why, because you believe greedy and powerful people who tell you lies so they can rip you off!

One thing you won't hear is any economist disagree about the intrinsic virtue of rising house prices. And wherever economists lead, politician's follow. They love to tell us how much richer they have made us by increasing the price of housing. Don't believe any of those bastards!

Just imagine if the price of housing worked the same way as the price of computers. Every few years, you'd buy twice the house for half the price. Well, you wouldn't be wasting most of your life working like a dog to pay the rent or emptying your pockets into a mortgage. Just work for a couple of years, save a bit of cash, buy your house, and you're set for life. Settle down, have one child, and enjoy a truly enriched life. And kick those bwankers in the balls!