The New Police State of Canada

In "Nineteen Eighty-Four" the political bowels of Canada moved, and passed, legislation requiring Canada Post to open all our correspondence and make two photo-copies. One copy is archived in large warehouses which continue to be constructed as part of the permanent shovel-ready program for the stimulation of political patronage. The other copy is loaded into a truck and driven down to the local police station every Friday afternoon... a little weekend reading for the constabulary.

Of course, it never happened in 1984.

Guess what, modern technology has changed things. Your internet correspondence, and much more, is going to be intercepted, copied, stored, and electronically filtered and flagged for further scrutiny by the New Police State of Canada. The Peoples Republic of China will provide the software for free! Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and his flunkies, have just trotted out the legislation (New web policing powers on way, The Canadian Press, CH 19 June).

The Jollimore metaphor is apt. The internet is the last outpost for freedom in this age of excessive governmental and bureaucratic control.

Or has "freedom" already become Newspeak for "no liberty left to lose" in the Harperian Federation of Canada?