Telling the Politicial-Party Poll Artists: what is on my mind

I was invited to participate in an online survey for one of Canada's political parties. Here is what I told them:

GDP is a false measure of economic/human well-being --- and yet all political parties want to grow this false metric!

The fact that economic growth (increased GDP) in Canada is mostly about:

  1. "selling the farm" --- ie squandering non-renewable resources
  2. "increasing property values" --- which should be called inflation but are actually called GDP. This sort of increase in GDP is properly called making housing unaffordable!

In a globalized economy we are all competing for the same work. We are all competing for same resources. The multi-national corporations are the beneficaries of the resulting slave-labour and bargain basement prices for OUR resources. The government effectively hands over control, the multi-nationals are not only the beneficiaries, they are the defacto referees! Given this toxic set of circumstances, most people in every nation will, eventually, be subject to the privation that is caused by global overpopulation.

ALL Canadian political parties promote population growth even though the world and Canada are clearly overpopulated. Anyone who says otherwise is tacitly accepting that most people should be condemned to privation. (I say most people because we have not yet outsourced our politicians and civil servant to other nations where they can be bought for a lower price!)

Human numbers have exceeded the limits that allow for beneficial economic growth --- which means that investing in growth will only cause increased debt.

ALL political parties are slaves to economists and media pundits. Economists don't know their arse from their elbow. Pundits are pointy-headed nit-wits with a microphone. The mealy-mouthed politicians should talk to a scientist one day, a real one, like me!

I'm so pissed off with ALL political parties that I'd prefer not to have a government!

Give me ARNARCHY, I'm fed up to the back teath with lame-brained politicians!

As for the Ivany Report: the notion that the economic mess that we call Nova Scotia can be fixed by immigration is false. Nova Scotia has an excessive debt that was caused by investing in growth when growth was not possible.

The Ivany Report is remarkable because it actually poses the problem as the solution!