Robert Stead rules again in Wolfville

Hold onto your wallets, spend-a-buck Bob is back in business.

It was a close run election with 790 votes for change being split between

and 542 votes for Robert Stead.

Robert Stead is famous for:

Two new faces have turned up on Council that had platforms that included a shift away from non-transparent baffle gab and towards looking after core Town business and real fiscal responsibility:

and they should have a natural colleague in

Two old faces from Darth Stead's clone army were re-elected:

Last over the line was the one and only younger than spring time (ie not a fossil)

I asked Eric some pointed questions before the election and he replied:
Since we're living in a democracy, once elected I intend to represent the voices of the majority of the towns people not just my own. My intension is to get as much feedback as I can from public forums, meetups, opinion polls, internet surveys, stats (Stats Canada) and internet blogs to get the towns people like yourself involved in creating policies and change. Based on that, only then would I be able to specifically tell you my stance on taxes.

The way I see it, we have Darth Lord Stead and two clones stacked against the men of reason --- Keith Irving, Jim Laceby, and Hugh Simpson. That leaves Eric Hughes as the tie-breaker --- and Eric has lobbed the ball back into the residents court. Heck, we are in for an interesting ride if Eric pays any attention to people like you and me....

I see that the Town has a brand spanking new-look website. A few things of interest are posted and there seems to be facility for residents to post comments. I shall be putting the system to the test before too much longer, and hope you all do likewise.

CBC couldn't say much about Wolfville municipal politics but they did say there was an issue with Town support for Acadia U.... Hells bells, I thought that our support for Acadia U was the ONLY thing that we could all agree on! One wonders how such blatant misperceptions arise? I can think of only three possibilities:

One can sort of understand how someone glancing in from the outside might get the wrong impression.