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Are you thinking about a trip to Ireland?  Find everything your heart desires in Irish charms, quaint villages, culture, stone walls, gentle green meadows and your own special "heart's desire".  In Ireland, you can have a special, unique Irish experience in food, drink and entertainment and in "just being there".  Visit this enchanting land of black waters, blue sky and friendly, lively people.

Our tours can take you to some of the most magical places Ireland has to offer and allows you to encounter the unique Irish experience.  With us, you can view the scenery, study the architecture and learn the history of one of the world's most ancient and beautiful countries.

Our tours are personally tailored intineraries that fit to you or your groups needs.  You can travel from Dublin to Killarney, to Irish speaking Donegal and beyond, visit small Irish towns, and journey through mountain passes to the sea.   We cover it all!

"Discover the less traveled Ireland."

Ron & Aileen Beed

"We are Ron and Aileen of Dartmouth, NS, Canada.  We started up our Ireland tour business 10 years ago as a labour of love.  We are proud of our success and invite you to discover Ireland with us".

Ron & Aileen Beed
Members of the Shamrock Club of Bord Fáilte Irish Tourist Board

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