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The Cape Breton Astronomical Society


The Cape Breton Astronomical Society now has a new Web Page that is still under construction.

The Observatory has been finished for some time and is is fully operational. It is located at the Two Rivers Wildlife Park. It is approx. 4M x 5M with a roll off roof and built to the parks specs.

The observatory has been relocated to a new park because of some disagreements with the provincial government. They wanted me to leave all my gear there and pay to go use it and still be open to campers. At $30 a night, I did not find this feasable. So I decided to look elsewhere for a new home. The management of the Two Rivers Wildlife Park accepted our proposal and gave us a beautiful spot overlooking the scenic Mira River with a spectacular view south, right into the heart of the Milky Way in the summer, just in time for camping season.

With the observatory being inside the Two Rivers Wildlife Park, the public that camps here in the summer has the advantage of being here when the observatory is open and they can come in to see things they would never get a chance to see otherwise. Also, being inside a wildlife park AND a campground, we have the unique opportunity of showing people from all over the world something different.

Send mail to Mira Provincial Park Observatory with questions or comments.
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Last modified: January 19, 2011