Descendants of Peter Emery and Catherine MacEwen

Of Greenfield Farm,Wood Islands Settlement

Generation No. 1

1. Peter Emery Esq. was born 1787 in Perth, Scotland, and died 1876. He married Catherine McEwen in Scotland before coming to Prince Edward Island in 1820 with three children. Catherine was born 1787 in Sterlingshire, Scotland and died on February 4th, 1859 at Greenfield Farm, Wood Islands Settlement. In the 1829 Prince Edward Island Calendar, Peter Emery is listed as Captain of the P.E.I. Militia, 4th Battalion, with headquarters in Pinette. The 1840 P.E.I. Calendar has Peter Emery listed as both Justice of the Peace for Wood Islands and Captain of the 3rd (or Highland) Regiment of the P.E.I. Militia with headquarters in Belfast. The 1841 census for Lot 62 lists 8 members of the family with 5 born in Scotland and 3 born on P.E.I. and the 1861 census has this family with 7 members but there were 4 deaths in the past year so there are as yet a couple of missing names in the children's list.
The Last Will and Testament of Peter Emery Esq. names 3 daughters, 1 son and 3 grand-children (of his late son, John).

Known children of Peter Emery Esq. and Catherine McEwen are:

+ 2 i. Robert Emery, born 1809 in Scotland; died 1899 in Wood Islands.

3 ii. Patrick Crawford Emery, born 1819; died 21 June 1847.

+ 4 iii. John Emery, born 1822 in Greenfield Farm, Wood Island Settlement; died 12 February 1860 in Greenfield Farm, Wood Island Settlement.

5 iv. Mary Emery, born 1825.

6 v. Ann Emery, born 1826.

+ 7 vi. William Emery, born 26 December 1826; died 1857 in Montague River.

8 vii. Margaret Emery, born 1828.

From the Islander, July 20, 1847, p.3:
Died - At the Wood Islands on Wednesday the 21st inst., after an illness of only a few days, Mr. Patrick Crawford Emery, second son of Peter Emery Esq., in the 28th year of his age. He was a most dutiful and affectionate son and much and deservedly esteemed by all who knew him.

From the Islander, February 18, 1859, p.3:

Died on the 4th inst., at the family residence, Greenfield Farm, Wood Islands Settlement after a long and painful illness which she bore with patience and resignation to the Divine Will, Catherine, wife of Peter Emery Esq., in the 72nd year of her age. The deceased was a native of Stirlingshire.

Generation No. 2

2. Robert Emery (Peter1) was born 1809 in Scotland, and died 1899 in Wood Islands. He married Catherine Ross, who was born on March 17th, 1810 in P.E.I, and died in 1910. Robert was one of the children who came to the Island with his parents in 1820 and began his own family in 1839 on a 60 acre farm in Wood Islands. Stone #103 in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery lists 7 members of this family. The Last Will and Testament of Robert Emery of Wood Islands, filed on April 4th, 1899 names 4 sons and 4 daughters.

Children of Robert Emery and Catherine Ross are:

9 i. Daniel Emery.

+ 10 ii. Peter R. Emery, born 16 November 1844.

+ 11 iii. Julia Ann Emery, born Abt 1845; died 13 December 1940 in Iris.

+ 12 iv. Sarah Emery, born Abt 1846; died 19 January 1944.

13 v. William Emery, born 10 June 1853 in Wood Islands; died 1926.

14 vi. Robert Emery, born 18 June 1855 in Wood Islands.

15 vii. Catherine Emery, born 22 July 1858 in Wood Islands; died 1935. She married Sampson Bowdridge.

+ 16 viii. Christina Emery, born Abt 1865; died 1954.

+ 17 ix. Robert Emery, born 24 March 1865 in Wood Islands; died 1935.

4. John Emery (Peter1) was born 1822 in Greenfield Farm, Wood Island Settlement, and died 12 February 1860 in Greenfield Farm, Wood Island Settlement. He married Margaret Hume on January 31st, 1850. Margaret was born in 1828 the youngest daughter of Mr. John Hume of Belle Creek and died on April 29th, 1905 in Wood Islands. The 3 grandchildren mentioned in the Will of Peter Emery Esq. in 1876, were the surviving children of this family.

Children of John Emery and Margaret Hume are:

18 i. Catherine Jane Emery, born 1853 in Greenfield Farm, Wood Island Settlement; died 03 January 1944. She married William Young 13 December 1870.

19 ii. Peter Emery, born 28 August 1853 in Wood Islands; died March 1890. He married Euphemia Isabella MacPherson 09 October 1884.

20 iii. Agnes Emery, born 06 August 1855; died 18 August 1859.

+ 21 iv. William John Emery, born 17 July 1857 in Wood Islands; died 1943.

22 v. John Emery, born July 1859; died 29 August 1859.

7. William Emery (Peter1) was born 26 December 1826, and died 1857 in Montague River. He married Priscilla Mutch 07 February 1854. Priscilla was born in 1836 the daughter of James Mutch and Jane Farquharson of Lot 48, and died on April 12th, 1907. William and Priscilla are interred in the Clifton United Church Cemetery. After the death of William in 1857 Priscilla was the owner-operator of a boarding house/hotel in Montague.

Children of William Emery and Priscilla Mutch are:

+ 23 i. Victoria Jane Emery, born 19 January 1855; died 16 February 1937.

24 ii. Priscilla Emery. She married William Penna 26 July 1877.

From The Islander, June 26, 1857, p.2:
William Emery - died on 12th inst., of consumption at his residence at Montague Bridge in 30th year of age, Mr. William Emery, youngest son of Peter Emery Esq. of Wood Island. The deceased has left a widow and 2 infant children to mourn their irreparable loss. This very amiable and exemplary young man has left few behind him who possessed more of those sovereign virtues and holy excellences which eminently adorned his life and character and rendered him highly esteemed among his relatives and numerous acquaintances. His end was peace.


Generation No. 3

10. Peter R. Emery (Robert2, Peter1) was born 16 November 1844. He married Mary Louise Munn 07 November 1878. Mary Louise was born 27 December 1851 and died 17 February 1924. There are 6 members of this family listed on headstone #76 in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery. In the 1881 census Peter is listed as a shipmate and the 1891 census shows him as being a farmer.

There is some confusion on names: Katie E., Kelly J. and Annie C. it looks like this could be all the same person but with bad handwriting by census takers. Headstone with others in family has Annie C.

Children of Peter Emery and Mary Munn are:

+ 25 i. Daniel Duncan Emery, born 05 October 1879; died 1959.

26 ii. John Alex Cameron Emery, born 19 January 1881; died 08 August 1915.

27 iii. Annie C. Emery, born 15 August 1883; died 04 May 1892.

28 iv. Margaret B. Emery, born 04 January 1888; died 24 September 1918.

29 v. Malcolm C. "Monte" Emery, born 30 September 1890; died 09 February 1916.

30 vi. Eliza Ann Emery, born 27 May 1893. She married Billy Downe.

+ 31 vii. Louise Douglas Emery, born 30 March 1896; died 1976.

11. Julia Ann Emery (Robert2, Peter1) was born Abt 1845, and died 13 December 1940 in Iris. She married Robert MacKay 22 January 1878. Robert was born 30 November 1848.

An interesting side note:
Maple Leaf Magazine, February 1941, p.32, col.1:

In Iris on December 13, Mrs. Julia MacKay (nee Julia Emery) leaving a sister. Deceased was born in 1833 but month is unknown so it is safe to say she was in her 108th year - the oldest person in P.E.I.

According to 1881 census she was born about 1844.
According to 1891 census she was born about 1844.
According to 1901 census she was born about 1845.

Child of Julia Emery and Robert MacKay is:

32 i. Daniel Isabel MacKay, born 15 January 1875.

12. Sarah Emery (Robert2, Peter1) was born Abt 1846, and died 19 January 1944. She married Hugh McDearmid 18 July 1877. Hugh was born on 03 October 1846, died 06 February 1924 and was listed as a ships captain in census returns. Hugh and Sarah are interred in the Belfast, St. John's Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Sarah Emery and Hugh McDearmid are:

33 i. Isabel McDearmid, born 23 October 1880.

34 ii. Robert E. McDearmid, born 09 May 1883; died 30 November 1909.

35 iii. Catherine M. McDearmid, born 09 July 1885.

36 iv. Infant McDearmid, born 01 March 1891; died March 1891.

16. Christina Emery (Robert2, Peter1) was born Abt 1865, and died 1954. She married Henry Duncan. Christina is interred in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Christina Emery and Henry Duncan are:

37 i. Libbie Duncan, born Abt 1893.

38 ii. Catherine Duncan, born Abt 1896.

39 iii. Robert Duncan, born Abt 1896.

40 iv. John Duncan, born Abt 1899.

17. Robert Emery (Robert2, Peter1) was born 24 March 1865 in Wood Islands, and died 1935. He married Mary J. Nicholson, born 13 November 1869 and died in 1916. Both Robert and Mary, along with several children, are interred in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Robert Emery and Mary Nicholson are:

41 i. Infant Emery, born 1913; died 1913.

42 ii. Daniel A. Emery, born 26 May 1897; died 03 March 1925.

+ 43 iii. Marion Julia Emery, born 17 August 1898; died 1928.

44 iv. Katie J. Emery, born 26 January 1899.

21. William John Emery (John2, Peter1) was born 17 July 1857 in Wood Islands, and died 1943. He married Isabel Ann MacRae on October 16th, 1881. Isabel was born 22 December 1860, the daughter of John and Isabella MacRae from Flat River, and died in 1934. William J. and Isabel are interred in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery.

From PEI Past and Present:

W.J. Emery, an enterprising merchant and sucessful farmer in Lot 62, Queens County, was born at Wood Islands, this lot, on July 17, 1859, and is the son of John and Margaret (Hume) Emery.
W. J. Emery received a good district school education and has followed house building during the most of his life. He has 25 acres of land under the plow and on this he has resided since 1886, having formerly lived at Wood Islands, where he carried on ship-building and carpentering. He is now engaged in carpentering and factory work such as sash and door making, in which he has been quite successful, and during the past 5 years, has also engaged to some extent in merchandising. His homestead is well improved, the place having a fine dwelling a substsntial barn and other outbuildings, and although the farm is not as large as some others in the locality, it is considered one of the well kept and highly productive farms in the neighborhood.
Mr. Emery is politically a Liberal, fraternally an Orangemen and in religion a member of the Presbyterian Church, of which he is a trustee. He is a man of many fine personal qualities and enjoys the high esteem of the entire community.

Children of William Emery and Isabel MacRae are:

+ 45 i. Agnes Ethel Emery, born 13 November 1882 in Belle River; died 14 November 1971.

46 ii. Cora M. Emery, born 09 March 1886. She married Jack Howatt.

47 iii. Johnetta Emery, born 05 April 1888 in Melville; died 1926. She married John Angus MacLeod 22 August 1918.

+ 48 iv. Peter John Emery, born 14 May 1892; died 15 June 1976 in Riverview Manor, Montague.

23. Victoria Jane Emery (William2, Peter1) was born 19 January 1855, and died 16 February 1937. She married William Clarence White 01 October 1874 in St. Paul's Church, Charlottetown.

Children of Victoria Emery and William White are:

49 i. Bertie Leona White, born 1874; died 07 March 1885 in Montague.

50 ii. Russell White, born Abt 1882.

51 iii. Ethel P. White, born Abt 1883.

52 iv. E. Garth White, born 02 August 1886; died 05 September 1924 in Montreal.

53 v. Leigh White, born Abt 1890.

54 vi. Verna White, born Abt 1892.

Generation No. 4

25. Daniel Duncan Emery (Peter R.3, Robert2, Peter1) was born 05 October 1879, and died 1959. He married Florence Stewart, daughter of Daniel Stewart and Annie MacAulay. Daniel D. and Florence lived in Wood Islands West where they farmed. Daniel is interred in the Wood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Daniel Emery and Florence Stewart are:

55 i. Annie Emery, born Abt 1928.

56 ii. Margaret Emery, born Abt 1930. She married Leo MacLeod.

57 iii. Peter Emery, born Abt 1932.

58 iv. Donald Emery, born Abt 1934.

59 v. Jack Emery, born Abt 1936.

60 vi. Kenny Emery, born Abt 1938. He married Lillian Smith.

61 vii. Monte Emery, born 1941.

62 viii. Lynn Emery, born Abt 1948. She married Wayne MacKay.

31. Louise Douglas Emery (Peter R.3, Robert2, Peter1) was born 30 March 1896, and died 1976. She married Malcolm Angus Bell 16 July 1923.

Children of Louise Emery and Malcolm Bell are:

63 i. David E. Bell.

64 ii. Gordon Bell.

65 iii. Ann Bell.

66 iv. Mary Bell.

67 v. Ethel Bell.

68 vi. Kay Bell.

43. Marion Julia Emery (Robert3, Robert2, Peter1) was born 17 August 1898, and died 1928. She married Neil Peter MacMillan 08 November 1917. Neil was born in 1877 and died in 1935. Both Neil and Marion are interred in the Wood Island Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Marion Emery and Neil MacMillan are:

69 i. Frank MacMillan.

70 ii. Mary MacMillan.

71 iii. Daniel MacMillan.

72 iv. Sarah MacMillan.

45. Agnes Ethel Emery (William John3, John2, Peter1) was born 13 November 1882 in Belle River, and died 14 November 1971. She married Alexander Angus Stuart 08 February 1910. Alexander was born 24 May 1882 in Commercial Cross and died on 30 May 1931. Both are interred in the Lower Montague United/Methodist Cemetery.

Children of Agnes Emery and Alexander Stuart are:

73 i. Lawrence Stuart.

74 ii. Raymond Stuart.

75 iii. Leslie Stuart.

48. Peter John Emery (William John3, John2, Peter1) was born 14 May 1892, and died 15 June 1976 in Riverview Manor, Montague. He married Katherine A. MacLean, born in 1893 the daughter of Neil MacLean and Katherine MacLeod and died on 02 December 1984. Peter John Emery served with the 2nd Canadian Siege Battery during WWI and operated a general grocery store for many years in Melville. He was also the post-master for Beaton's Mills for many years. Peter John Emery is interred in the Belfast, St. John's Presbyterian Cemetery.

Children of Peter Emery and Katherine MacLean are:

76 i. Gordon Emery.

77 ii. Blanche Emery.

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