Phillimore's Hampshire
Marriage Register

The following list is made up of all Faithfull entries extracted from the 12 volumes of the marriage registers showing spouses, date of marriage and Parish. Complete volumes may be downloaded from the Genuki Hampshire Page, or you may contact me for a look-up.

Volume 1

Mary Faithfull Richard Brazier Oct.08 1702 St. Mary Bourne
Elizabeth Faithfull Thomas Bulpit Dec.21 1712 St. Mary Bourne
John Faithfull Bridget Bond Dec.15 1689 Hurstbourne Priors
Mary Faithfull William Volkins Oct.19 1712 St. Mary Bourne
Ann Faithfull William Purver Dec.22 1696 St. Mary Bourne
John Faithfull Elizabeth Houldway Sep.30 1724 St. Mary Bourne
William Faithfull Elizabeth Jones Sep.02 1727 Hurstbourne Tarrant
Susanna Faithfull Robert Waterman Sep.26 1669 St. Mary Bourne

Volume 2

John Faithfull Ann Bennet Nov.01 1798 Faccombe
Sarah Faithfull George Bunce May 01 1809 Faccombe
William Faithfull Elizabeth Champ Aug.10 1785 Yately
Thomas Faithfull Eliz. Waters Apr.15 176? Amport
Richard Faithfull Martha Clarke Feb.25 1767 Amport
Elizabeth Faithfull Thomas Laws Dec.29 1783 Amport

Volume 3

Waike Faithful John Travaise Dec.10 1666 Sherborne St. John
Richard Faithfull Ann Burrett Nov.19 1780 Eversley
Elizabeth Faithfull Henry Crumplin Jun.01 1794 Eversley
Robert Faithfull Hannah Hood Oct.10 1776 North Waltham
Hannah Faithfull John Knowles Jan.01 1798 North Waltham

Volume 4

Frances Faithful Richard Sims Sep.25 1720 Winton Cathedral
William Faithfull Margaret Fox Sep.08 1727 Winton Cathedral
John Faithfull Jone Becke May 14 1699 Crondall
Elizabeth Faithful Nathaniel Dimes Oct.09 1746 Crondall
Richard Faithfull Martha Thompson Mar.14 1755 Crondall
Elizabeth Faithfull James Hurdle Aug.29 1790 Crondall

Volume 5

Edward Faithfull Henrietta Tombs Mar.01 1808 St. Lawrence

Volume 6

Margaret Faithfull John Silfistar Jun.17 1685 Odiham
Ann Faithfull James Gains Feb.17 1783 Odiham

Volume 7

Elizabetham Faithfull Edmundus Frogatt Apr.13 1646 Westmeon

Volume 8

Mary Faithfull Thomas Silvester Feb.05 1726/7 Burghcler
Anne Faithfull Ralph Bicknell Nov.19 1696 Rowner
John Faithfull Hannah Richards Jan.16 1712/13 Rowner
Elizabeth Faithfull William Payne Nov.09 1719 Rowner
William Faithfull Alice Glover Oct.01 1685 Whitchurch
Joan Faithfull James Brown Oct.06 1698 Whitchurch
Rebecca Faithfull Andrew Philips Jul.02 1715 Whitchurch
Anne Faithfull William Whitmarsh Jan.14 1719/20 Whitchurch
Abigail Faithfull Thomas Stevens Oct.10 1728 Whitchurch

Volume 9

William Faithfull Joane Froome Oct.05 1663 East Woodhay
Anne Faithfull Edward Fullock Feb.01 1707/03 Sherfield-upon
Jane Faithfull Henry Dore Jan.22 1684/5 Laverstoke
Mary Faithfull John Green Mar.19 1754 Laverstoke
Ellen Faithfull Andrewe Neave May 15 1609 Wonston
Alexander Faithfull Jone Rofe May 09 1631 Wonston
Margaret Faithfull Thomas Pyper? Jul.01 1615 Bentley

Volume 10

Isaac Faithfull Anne Twyne Feb.14 1674 Portsmouth

Volume 11

Francis Faithfull Sarah Fuller Nov.27 1763 Weyhill
Sarah Faithfull Robert Rutt Feb.27 1799 Weyhill
Martha Faithfull Thomas Brookman Jan.01 1801 Kingsworthy

Volume 12

No entries

It is strongly recommended that if you locate names of interest, the volumes or the fiche should be checked as other information, such as their Parish or occupation may be included.

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