Westminster Marriages
1702 - 1860

Here is a list of 14 Faithfull marriages I found during a visit to our local LDS Family History Center. It contains spouses, date of marriage and Parish, all in Westminster, London.

David Faithfull Mary Patton Jan.12 1767  St. James’
Edward Chamberlane Faithfull Jane Mott Feb.11 1812  St. Clement Danes
John Faithfull Elizabeth Beon Jan.15 1791  St. Martin in the Fields
John Faithfull Susanna Monk Oct.25 1792  St. Martin in the Fields
Jonas Faithfull Theresa Sinsale Jan.08 1837  St. Anne Soho
Mary Faithfull Joseph Hudson Apr.06 1729  St. Anne Soho
Mary Faithfull Edward Fanner Oct.30 1730  St. George Mayfair
Mary Anne Faithfull James Coverdale Patten Sep.04 1860  St. James’
Richard Faithfull Jane Baigent Feb.19 1833  St. Martin in the Fields
Sarah Faithfull Thomas Rooks Feb.14 1702  St. James’
Sarah Faithfull Thomas Cox Mar.07 1768  St. Martin in the Fields
Thomas Faithfull Ann Probart Feb.09 1767  St. Martin in the Fields
Thomas Faithfull Elizabeth Dyer Apr.11 1771  St. Martin in the Fields
William Dibsdale Faithfull Mary Ann Mott Jun.11 1808  St. Clement Danes

It is strongly recommended that if you find a name of interest you should check the appropriate films and source documents for confirmation and other information.

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