Well I've been getting swamped with questions about a bleemcd.bin that was released without a .cue. Funny how all the question come from people who want to play dumb playstation games...

For all you people without a .cue, try this:

bin2iso new.cue -c your.bin
bin2iso new.cue

The first line attempts to make a .cue. This works well for single data track cd's, but not so well for audio or multi track cds. So I'd try a Re-writable first...

I finally got a CDRWIN supported CDR drive, so I'm releasing bin2iso to the public. The 19b zip file and bin2iso19b.c file are available below. Have fun.

NOTE: I'm no longer supporting this. I hope somebody can step forward and take over. Whoever does, please let me know, and I'll put a link here for you.

Bin2iso Links: 

bin2iso v1.7
bin2iso v1.8b
bin2iso v1.9b
bin2iso v1.9b c file
And for those linux people...
bin2iso v1.9b for linux

Here's a .reg file that will allow you to right click on a .cue to convert an image: cue.reg
Normally you'll use the 'bin2iso' option, but if you want to remove the audio gaps, select 'bin2iso (cut gaps)'


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