Nova Scotia Fly-fishing, Tying and Tall Tales

My hook is baited with a dream - I fish for Peace ... Robert Service

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jenny lindWelcome

Jeff, "Go on Kathie, tell him about Joe."
Whit, "What about Joe, where is he?"
Jeff, "Last time I saw him he was in the East Walker River."
Kathie, "I didn't send him after Jeff, it was his own idea."dark montreal

Whit, "Did you kill him?"
Jeff, "He slipped, and fell. When I got there it was too late. It's a mean river."
Whit, "He was trailing you?"
Jeff, "Well you don't go fishing with a 45 in your hand."
From the 1947 movie Out Of The Past

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silver doctorMy fishing days began in England, tempting, with maggots and bread paste, small roach, perch, bream and carp with my Father (Michael, see his WWII diary), my Grandfather (Albert) and my Uncle (Len). They were the finest kind.
Now I fish with flies for Nova Scotia's wild trout and salmon.

The four flies on this page are taken from The Tent Dwellers (Sports fishing in Nova Scotia in 1908) by Albert Bigelow Paine.

Piscator non solum piscatur......
There is more to fishing than just catching fish.

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