No angler merely watches nature in a passive way. He enters into its very existence ... John Bailey

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2018 Log

This is the twentyfirst year of my on-line logbook.
I started it in the hope that readers would enjoy the goings-on that take place during my time on the river.
I hoped they would take note of the hatches and my successful imitations and apply this information to their own rivers.
I hoped it would open their eyes to the fact that my log is not all about hooking fish.
I hope they can see that it is a window into the passion that my friends and I have for the outdoors.
Please do not abuse this information by overfishing and do not make the mistake of putting yourself before the fish.
All fish in this log are released.    Temperatures are in Centigrade.

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Frank, "The fish hate you, you know."
Travis,"You think?"
Frank, "Yeah. Fish like older men. If you read more, you'd know about these things. And because they hate you, we haven't caught anything."
From the movie 24 Hours To Live
February 12. Air temp. 5. Cloudy
To the right is number 11. All catch-and-release. 7km back in the woods. I think I should tag them somehow (like a trout), just to see if they make their way back home.
Our property does not have a drop of snow showing anywhere, other than one little pile created by the plow. This does not bode well for the spring runoff, although I'm most probably speaking too soon and we'll have a major storm in March.
The eagles are still around but the crows have driven them off their regular perch at the bottom of our yard.
February 3. Air temp. -15. Wind chill -25. Sunny/cloudy
Today is our 34th wedding anniversary.
We celebrated by shooting some snooker (that's Fishgirl potting the black) and lunch at Tim's (that's an xoxo donut). We were both off our game but we sure laughed a lot. Oh, and we put together our anniversary jigsaw puzzle - Outside The Regent.
A friend gave me some discs that his 8mm movies had been transferred to. They contained trout fishing videos that had been taken back in the 50's. To my mind they are priceless but they're sure taking a lot of work to clean up (it'll be worth every minute).
Agent Ross, "The sounds of the water and the swish of the fly as you present it to the trout. So you have to land it just right, otherwise they get the tickle, and they know, and they get spooked."
From season 1 episode 1 of Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams
January 28. Air temp. -12. Flurries
The eagle has returned! Couldn't manage to get a picture of him but it's so nice to see him back. He was on his usual perch perusing the ducks flying by.
Added another squirrel to the list (that's seven so far). I'm guessing that once we get rid of one family another family will move in and we'll be trapping every squirrel in the neighbourhood (this could go on forever).
I was just checking our fly boxes the other day and it looks like we have enough to get us through another season. I look forward to flicking a fly again but at the same time wondering if my legs will be up to the task (I'm sure they will).
Vasya shifted in her hiding-place. "Can I help you fish?" she asked, hopefully.
"Can I watch you fish?"
"Very well," he said.
From The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden
January 23. Air temp. -7.
The squirrels got into Fishgirl's car and built a nest around the air filter and chewed a few wires. So, out came the trap again and, as of today, we've caught six of the little rodents. Over the years we've had several cats which used to do a great job at keeping the population down. One of them would proudly bring the squirrel tail to the back door just to show how good he was. Another would lie patiently in hunters mode at the bottom of a tree which the squirrels used and he would simply wait for them to run down and snap them up (like shooting fish in a barrel).
We're passing the winter away playing pool and snooker and doing jigsaw puzzles. That's Fishgirl potting the pink and the puzzle is titled "Afternoon Angling".
Gifts over Christmas included a chocolate double crisp Christmas catch bass (half eaten), a pair of socks with a pool cue and balls insignia (which I will wear the next time we play pool) and a fish jigsaw puzzle.
On Jan. 4/5 we were hit by a "Weather Bomb" which took out the power, phone, tv and internet. We were lucky in that we only lost one huge spruce tree which landed (without any damage) in our neighbours back yard. If the tree had fallen the other way it would have taken down our power pole.