Welch Genealogy

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(Updated or Revised March 2013)

Pedigree Chart for Floyd Edmund Welch

Great Grandfather (FFF):
(?) maybe J. M. Welch
Born North Carolina
1840 J.M. living in Weakley, Tennessee
Paternal Grandfather:
Richard Welch
Born 1840, Tennessee
Farmer in Dallas County, Missouri
Died 1885, Buffalo Missouri
Siblings: Rebecca, Malinda, Josiah, Robert, Daniel, Nancy, Richard
Robert Allan Welch
Born 27 Sept 1874 Died 29 Dec 1957 Siblings: William, Mary, Robert, James, Jesse, Marion, Floyd
Tried to homestead in Nebraska
Self educated through Sawyer's Business College.
Sold real estate and insurance Owned Orange Grove in Charter Oak, California
Floyd Edmond Welch
Born 9 August 1907, Covina, California
Died 13 July 1999, San Diego, California
Buried in Glen Haven Cemetery
Sibling: Alvin Welch (1905-1983)
Wife: Janette Bryden Stewart
Son: Gary A. Welch
Son: Michael D. Welch
Great Grandmother (FFM):
Margaret ______
Born ~1800, North Carolina
Lived in Missouri (?)
Great Grandfather (FMF):
Robert Cowden
Born ~1814, Georgia
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Paternal Grandmother:
Nancy Jane Cowden
Born 1845, Benton, Missouri
Died 1915, South Pasadena, California
Siblings: James M, Martha A, Nancy J., Cynthia, Mary L., Josephine, William A. George R.
Great Grandmother (FMM):
Mary _____
Born ~1813, South Carolina
Lived in Benton, Missouri
Great Grandfather (MFF):
S. T. Lucas
Born ~1837, Ohio
Parents from Virginia
Maternal Grandfather:
Boslow Lucas
Born ~1857, Sydney, Ohio
Died ~1917, Sydney, Ohio
Died from an accident at spoke factory where he was boss.
Siblings: Boslow, William, Frank, R.B.
Mabel Gertrude Lucas
Born 12 March 1883, Sydney, Ohio
Died 11 March 1976, Tarzana, California
Siblings: Mabel, Webb, Pearl
When 10 years old she went to live with her father's brother R.B. in Denver.
Later she lived in Wheatland, California with a sister.
Great Grandmother (MFM):
Sarah ______
Born ~1831, Ohio
Father from New York
Mother from Tennessee
Great Grandfather (MMF):
James Rupert
Born ~1829, Ohio
Father Henry Rupert
(a wagonmaker born ~1804 in Germany)
Maternal Grandmother:
Josephine Rupert
Born 1860, Ohio Died 1888 at age 28 giving birth
Siblings: Henry, Jennie, Josephine, Ida
Great Grandmother (MMM):
Elizabeth ____
Born ~1832, Ohio
Mother Maria age 63 in 1870 census