Eastern Kings Memorial Health Foundation

The EKM Health Foundation is a charitable organization that supports initiatives that have a positive impact on the health of the people of Eastern Kings County.

The Foundation evolved from the closure in 1996 of the former Eastern Kings Memorial Hospital in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Donations previously made to the former hospital were transferred to the Foundation with the intent that the income from these monies supports health-related projects.

The EKM Health Foundation is pleased to accept donations, bequests and other gifts. These gifts enable us to further promote a healthier community.

The Foundation also receives requests for financial support from various health-related organizations, funding projects through a bi-yearly grant and donation program.

We also work on a cooperative basis with the Annapolis Valley District Health Authority. Our office is located in the Eastern Kings Community Health Centre, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

-- How do we help promote a healthier community?

-- Donate for a healthier community.

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