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Alard Design and Manufacturing

Introduces an Economical steel snowmobile stud.
Finally a snowmobile stud that truly performs and is affordable!

Unique Design Stud.
Unique Design Stud
Unique Design Stud Unique Design Stud in snowmobile track
  • The stud shaft is fully supported inside the plastic lug.
  • These studs are self locking and do not require the use of locktite.
  • The stud is held in place by a 0.492x3/4 inch PVC plastic lug. This lug greatly increases traction in soft & packed conditions.
  • Installation is the same as other T-Nut studs. An installation tool and instructions come with the order. Track hole cutter is not included.
  • 1.172 overall length will work well on tracks with a lug height up to 3/4 inch.
  • Call for special sizes.
  • Plastic lug is countersunk to accept T-Nut shaft. Works with all track thicknesses.
  • Replacement is simple and quick.
Order Information
New Orders
50 studs
$38 USD
100 studs
$65 USD
Replacement Parts
50 studs
Lug included, no T-Nuts
$32 USD
100 studs
Lug included, no T-Nuts
$52.50 USD
Shipping extra call for rates. 100 studs 3.46 pounds!
Dealer and club inquiries welcome
Limited supply 01/02

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