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The Parkdale Maplewood Museum is located inland from
the Lighthouse Trail on the South Shore. This museum has
a wealth of local heritage to share with you.

Take a walk through our Museum and Heritage gardens to see
how the ancestors of our communities lived.

From the Country Store to the Library to the Cobbler's Shop,
we show how the people of yesteryear survived and flourished.
Welcome to the Canadian Metal Detecting Forum.

This forum is an area where metal detecting enthusiasts can share
their experiences and knowledge. We encourage participation
from all, including Canadian Metal Detecting Clubs and people
just interested in the hobby.
Welcome to the East Coast Diggers Forum.
We invite you to post your finds about metal detecting
or metal detecting in general.
This guy's a phenomenal Magician!!

I was standing at his elbow when he did his tricks
some of which I still haven't figured out.

Patrick Drake will be at the Halifax Buskers this summer (2006).
Worth seeing over and over and over!
The descendants of Zackarias and Honorah (Wentzel) Kaulback
are hereby summoned to meet at the Parkdale-Maplewood Community Grounds for the 2006 Family Roots Reunion.
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