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I used to make STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam, the hard blue insulation foam board patented by Dow Chemical.  When things went right, the product we made was like the stuff you see at Home Depot and Rona: nice flat stuff with square edges, like the picture above.  When things went WRONG, (and they often did), we would get stuff like that shown in the pictures below.  I saw this more as natural art and collected those pieces that "looked like something".

There are two types of (bad) product here.  First is familiar Styrofoam, the foamy, spongy stuff.  The other is what we called Recycle Gel because it was the foamy stuff we chopped up and put back into an extruder to make hard plastic pellets.  None of the pictures shows the pellets, only the result of NOT MAKING pellets.  I rescued all of this stuff from the garbage in most cases and have owned it for over 30 years.  The two pieces that appear clear were from the garbage can of a Styrene testing lab in St. Louis, where I rescued it.  I have no shame.

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