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These stories, for the most part, deal with same gender romantic relationships and varied sexual situations between women. It is categorized as slash fic in the Star Trek fandom, but I prefer the much gentler and more attractive 'alt fic' term as derived from the Xenaverse. Some stories are sexually explicit and are detailed on occasion, requiring the age of consent in your respective area, so read them at your own risk.

The Star Trek: Voyager stories utilize characters that are copyright © by Paramount Pictures. No infringement on their respective copyrights is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. Again, no infringement is intended.

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Just Between Series
This is a very large series, consisting of 50 stories broken down into five 'seasons'. It follows the trials and tribulations of the relationship between Janeway and Seven which begins somewhere near the end of the first year Seven came on the ship (season four on the show) and carries them all the way back to the Alpha Quadrant and to a new vessel. It is not necessary that this be read in order to enjoy the Millennium Series, but it helps, I believe.  Anyone wishing to comment on these stories may do so on the
Novel Expectations Message Board.

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Just Between Us
Just Between Lovers
Just Between Lines
Just Between Give & Take
Just Between Arrivals & Departures
Just Between Them
Just Between Species
Just Between Lessons
Just Between Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild, Wild Women
Just Between Stations
Just Between You & Me
Just Between Dreams
Just Between Decks
Just Between Fears
Just Between Past & Present
Just Between Friends
Just Between Promises
Just Between Battles
Just Between Fire & Ice
Just Between Ranks
Just Between Enemies
Just Between Dusk & Dawn
Just Between Fortune & Folly
Just Between Perceptions
Just Between Planets
Just Between a Rock
& a Hard Place

Just Between Futures
Just Between Lost & Found
Just Between
Rest And Recreation

Just Between Influences
Just Between Realities
Just Between Universes
Just Between Missions
Just Between Senses
Just Between Love & Hate
Just Between Stars
Just Between Dawn & Dusk
Just Between Earth & Sky
Just Between Alpha & Delta
Just Between Life & Death
Just Between Memories
Just Between Deceptions
Just Between Truth & Lies
Just Between the Sheets
Just Between Loyalties
Just Between Right & Wrong
Just Between Darkness & Light
Just Between Tears
Just Between Quadrants
Just Between
the Earth & the Stars

The following two installments were a collaberation between myself and one of my favorite Xena fanfic writers, B.L. Miller.

Just Between Above & Below This story takes place between JB Cigarettes, Whiskey, etc and JB Fears.

Just Between Families This story takes place between JB Fears and JB Fire & Ice.

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Star Trek: Millennium

Comprised of a crew of unique individuals, both Starfleet and civilian, banded together on an experimental vessel out of touch with the Federation and home, they are explorers who will discover many things about the universe around them, and in their own hearts and minds. Commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway, aided personally and professionally by her capable spouse and science officer, Seven of Nine, she will boldly lead the USS Millennium where no one has gone before. Anyone wishing to comment on these stories may do so on the Novel Expectations Message Board. or email me at gldartt@hotmail.com.

Season One Season Two Season Three
Past Provocations I Beta Beginnings I Gamma Grumblings
Past Provocations II Beta Beginnings II Muddled Minds
Delicate Diplomacy Superficial Suppositions Convoluted Counseling
Defining Duty Relative Relations Biased Behavior
Mission Maneuvers Persistant Priorities Sluggish Situations
Altering Aspirations Lingering Lamentations Dark Devastation
Difficult Decisions Parasitic Perplexity
Collective Comprehension Beta Battles
Tenuous Ties Chaotic Cruise
Prospective Paths Final Frontiers

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Janeway/Seven One Shots

Here are assorted J/7 stories which may or may not need to be told but here they are anyway.  They tend to stand alone which for me, is unusual because I love to ramble and chew on an idea just to death. Anyone wishing to comment on these stories may do so on the Novel Expectations Message Board.

The Morning After
So it's the morning after and you don't remember much about the night before, not how you left the party, not how you got home and especially not how a tall, cool blonde with Borg implants ended up in your bed. What's a captain to do?
Fear & Hope
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name. Sometimes it takes all of a Borg's hope to overcome a captain's fear, but what happens when the Borg doesn't even know what the concept of hope is? Can she overcome the obstacles facing her and achieve success?
Cause & Effect
A story of mistaken identity and glorious possibilities that might not otherwise be considered if they aren't seen with one's own eyes. My first story to utilize alternate realities, which are always so much fun to play with. It probably goes back to my early interest in super-heroes, and all those stories with alternate worlds in DC Comics. The annual JLA/JSA tales which taught me how to keep similar characters straight. *G*
Someone To Watch Over Her
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name.  Seven may have been taught how to date by the Doctor, but it is the captain that teaches her why she should want to in the first place. 
Unfair Haven
A story inspired by the episode of (almost) the same name.  Janeway thinks her problems are a result of falling in love with a holo-character.  But what if they spring from a deeper source? Short and not too sweet.
Timeless Passages
A story inspired by the final episode of Voyager.  Not sure why I had to write it , other than an attempt simply to 'fix' what once went wrong.  (Hmm, all these Quantum Leap references ... I wonder if it's just because Scott Backula is the new Trek captain ... or simply because Voyager did far too many time travel episodes.)
My version of what happens after Endgame, now that I've had the time and distance to process that final season of Voyager. Where Timeless Passages was an attempt to alter what happened, this is what hopefully did happen. *G*
Night Shift
One last kick at the Fair Haven can.  What if Janeway wasn't the only one who had became enamoured with a certain Irish bartender? How would she react, or am I just trying to be evil in this one?
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The Counselor Series
  Commander Sydney Stone is my own creation, placed into the ST:Voyager universe.  They're called MarySue stories.  Every writer has them.  I'm shameless so I posted them to the net. Anyone wishing to comment on these stories may do so on the Novel Expectations Message Board.
Sydney barely survives the destruction of her ship and discovers she is now in the Delta Quadrant.  Can she adjust to a new life on Voyager?  And to Voyager's captain?
Sydney finds out that getting involved with the ship's captain carries its own set of baggage ... can they get by it to reach a new understanding?
Sydney discovers that escalating a relationship can sometimes turn out to be more than she bargained for ... particularly when it's the captain she's involved with. 

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