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These stories, for the most part, deal with same gender romantic relationships and varied sexual situations between women. It is categorized as slash fic in the Star Trek fandom, but I prefer the much gentler and more attractive 'alt fic' term as derived from the Xenaverse. Some stories are sexually explicit and are detailed on occasion, requiring the age of consent in your respective area, so read them at your own risk. Mass Effect characters are property of Bioware. Nikki & Helen and all the 'Bad Girls' are the property of Shed Productions and ITV. Warehouse 13 belongs to the SciFi network. No infringement intended. Stories in black without links indicate works in progress.

Mass Effect
Commander Shepard and Dr. Liara T'Soni
(What happened after that breath was taken.)
Diana Shepard  
New Worlds Series
Liara T'Soni

Bad Girls
Helen Stewart and Nikki Wade

After Larkhall Series
(What happened after Helen and Nikki kissed on that street corner.)
HelenNikki Kiss
1 Dead Slow 4 Onward Bound
2 Slow & Steady 5 Bound & Determined
3 Steady On 6 Determined to Fail
 Stand Alone Stories
Picking Up the Pieces

  Warehouse 13 Fan Fiction
H. G. Wells and Myka Bering
(How I would fix what happened in The Stand.)

Someone has to clean up the messes left behind by Warehouse agents and the Regents. This time it's more than just
altering paperwork and talking to witnesses. This time, FBI agent Mackenzie Wallace has to save Warehouse 13 and prevent the deaths of too many good people.  
Myks Bering

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