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Name this well known bag pipe lament

Welcome to my genelopgy website, my name is George Rose. My father was a first generation Haligonian of Scottish decent. My mother was from an Acadian French village on Cape Breton Island and was a mix of Acadain and Irish.

I began building this site in 1996 on the Chebuco Community server. My goal for this site is to continue connecting with relatives. I hope you enjoy what you find. Please be considerate of the work it took to design and populate this site. Please honor my work and do not copy anything without permission.

— George Charles Rose the second

Family Tree Surnames a listing of the surnames in my fmaily tree. Please scroll using side bar for this alphabetical listing.

Abbott, Adams, Akin, Akins, Alain, Aldridge, Allain, Allan, Allyn, Amirault, Amireau, Anderson, Andrejewski, Antigny, Arauz, Armstrong, Arnaude, Arseneau, Aubert, Aubois, Aucoin, Audet, Aversano, Avery, Babin, Babineau, Baccardax, Backman, Bacon, Baigent, Bailey, Baldwin, Ballah, Ballotta, Bareste, Bark, Barnes, Barone, Barrieu, Barrillot, Barron, Bastarache, Bates, Beausejour, Begin, Belanger, Belding, Belisle, Bell, Bellefontaine, Belliveau, Bernard, Bennett, Benoit, Beranger, Bergeron, Bernard, Berthier, Bertrand, Beveridge, Bezanson, Bigney, Biret, Bissett, Bisson, Black, Blackadar, Blacquierre, Blake, Blanchard, Bland, Blaney, Blou, Bois, Bona, Bond, Boneparte, Bonin, Bonnain, Bonnevie, Bouchard, Boucher, Bouchie, Boudreau, Boudreaux, Boudrot, Bourel, Bourg, Bourgeois, Bourque, Boutilier, Boutin, Bowdren, Bowen, Boyd, Boyle, Brandt, Brassaud, Brault, Breau, Breault, Breen, Brennan, Brettell, Briand, Brideau, Brison, Britten, Brooks, Brophy, Broussard, Brown, Browne, Bruce, Brun, Brymer, Buell, Bugeaud, Burgess, Burke, Burkey, Burns, Bursery, Burt, Burton, Butler, Cady, Cahill, Caissie, Calder, Calvert, Cameron, Campbell, Camus, Candalora, Cantley, Cardillo, Carmel, Carret, Carriere, Carroll, Carter, Casey, Cassie, Cassidy, Casey, Celestin, Cavanaugh, Chalifoux, Chambers, Chapentier, Chesnay, Chiasson, Chilcote, Chisholm, Chouiere, Chriestenson, Christopher, Clannon, Clark, Clayton, Clements, Clerge, Clorey, Clory, Clouatre, Coady, Coakley, Coffee, Cogswell, Comeau, Connell, Connor, Conrad, Consorti, Constantineau, Conway, Cook, Cooper, Copeland, Cordeau, Corkum, Cormier, Corporon, Coste, Cote, Cotton, Cottreau, Coupe, Courtney, Couture, Covin, Cox, Cross, Croteau, Culleton, Culliton, Curdo, Currie, Curtis, Cyr, Czarnecki, Daigle, Daigre, Daniel, Dardy, Darembourg, Darez, Darois, Dauphine, David, Davidson, Davis, Dawson, DeCoste, Deegan, Delaney, Delauny, de la Tour, Delehanty, Delorey, DeMolitor, d'Entremont, Denvir, Denyar, Derise, DeRoche, DesLauriers, Desrabis, DesRoche, DesRoches, Destrumelle, Detcheverry, Deveau, Devereaux, DeWolfe, Dexter, DeYoung, Dick, Dicks, Digou, Digout, Dimock, Dixon, Doiron, Donahue, Donovan, Doran, Dorau, Doro, Dorey, Doucet, Doucette, Douglas, Downey, Doyle, Drysdale, Duann, Dubois, Dufaux, Duffy, DuFresne, Dugas, Dugast, Dunn, Duon, Dupont, Dupuis, Durand, Duyon, Dwyer, Eagan, Eisenhauer, Elwell, Enfroy, England, English, Ernest, Etienne, Fairweather, Farrell, Felix, Fenton, Ferguson, Field, Filion, Firth, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fleming, Flemming, Fletcher, Fogarty, Foley, Ford, Forest, Forgeron, Forrester, Fortner, Fortune, Fougere, Fox, Fraser, Frazier, Freckelton, Frick, Frost, Furlong, Gabriel, Gagnon, Gale, Gallant, Galvin, Gardiner, Garneau, Garrick, Garvin, Gaudet, Gauterot, Gauthier, Gautreau, Gautreaux, Gautrot, Gazzola, Geddes, Gellineau, George, Gerard, Gerke, Gerrior, Giles, Gillis, Gionet, Girouard, Girroir, Gleason, Godin, Goguen, Goodrow, Gordon, Gosselin, Gould, Goutwell, Goyetche, Gracie, Grady, Graham, Granger, Grant, Grassie, Gratto, Graves, Greenan, Grenier, Grenon, Grey, Grimes, Groves, Guedry, Guerin, Guidry, Guilbeau, Guillot, Guimond, Guthro, Guyon, Hache, Hall, Haloran, Hamel, Hannigan, Hanson, Harding, Harra, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Harte, Hartigan, Hartling, Harvey, Hayes, Hayman, Hearn, Hebert, Heemskerk, Heighton, Hemwood, Henderson, Hennessey, Henry, Heon, Higgins, Hill, Hillier, Hilton, Hodgins, Holden, Holmes, Honey, Hopgood, Horne, Horton, House, Howe, Hudson, Hughes, Hunter, Hureau, Hurley, Hynes, Hyson, Ivany, Jackson, Jasset, Jean, Jeffrey, Jennings, Jessome, Jewers, Joffret, Johnson, Jollimore, Joseph, Josse, Joudrey, Joy, Joyce, Juros, Kammerer, Kane, Kavanagh, Kawel, Kean, Keating, Keegan, Kehoe, Keiley, Keith, Keller, Kelly, Keltie, Kennedy, Kiely, Kiley, King, Knepper, Kohler, Kulju, Kyte, La Tour, Labauve, Lachaume, Lafford, LaGrange, Laird, Lambert, Lamont, Landry, Landsburg, Langille, Langley, Langlois, Lanoue, Lanteigne, Lantz, LaPierre, Laplante, LaPointe, Lasher, Latimer, Launey, Laurent, Lavache, Lavandier, Lavergne, Lavers, Lawlor, Lawrence, Leaderer, LeBlanc, LeBrun, LeChevalier, LeClerc, LeCointe, LeCuyer, Lee, Leger, Lejeune, LeLacheur, LeLarge, Lemack, Lenoir, LePrince, LeRoux, LeRou, Leumas, Levere, Levis, LeVesconte, Levron, Lewis, Linden, Lirette, Little, Lockman, Loeffler, Loftus, Logan, Long, Longueil, Longuepee, Lopes, Lord, Loubere, Lowe, Lowery, Luce, Lynch, Lynk, MacAulay, MacCormack, MacCrae, MacDonald, MacDougall, MacFarlane, MacGillivary, MacInnes, MacIssac, MacKay, MacKeil, MacKenzie, MacKinnon, MacLean, MacLellan, MacLeod, MacMullin, MacNeil, MacPhee, MacPherson, MacRae, MacSween, Madden, Maddox, Maguet, Mahoney, Maillet, Mainguy, Maisonneuve, Maissonet, Malinowski, Manet, Marchand, Marcott, Marks, Marmeau, Marshal, Marshall, Marsman, Martel, Martell, Martin, Mason, Mathe, Matheson, Mathias, Mattatall, Matthews, Mattson, Mauger, Mayet, Mayette, McCarron, McCarthy, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonnell, McGarry, McGillivary, McGrath, McGray, McGuire, McHugh, McInnes, McIntosh, McIsaac, McKay, McKeil, McKenzie, McKeough, McLeod, McNabb, McNamara, McNeil, McPhee, Melanson, Melpass, Mercer, Merchant, Mercier, Meunier, Michel, Middelton, Miller, Mirande, Mitchell, Mius, Mombourquette, Money, Moore, Morasso, Morel, Morgan, Morin, Morrisey, Morrison, Mouton, Moyse, Muir, Muise, Mullins, Munro, Munroe, Murphy, Murray, Myers, Nolan, Novak, Nuriat, O'Brien, O'Connell, Nugent, O'Donnell, O'Hearn, Orillon, Orly, O'Rourke, Osmond, O'Sullivan, Ouellet, Paon, Pate, Patriquin, Patterson, Paupin, Pechin, Pellerin, Pelletier, Pelletret, Penny, Pepin, Perrault, Perrier, Perrin, Perry, Pertus, Peters, Petitot, Petitpas, Pettitpas, Picard, Pinet, Pitre, Pitts, Pivin, Poan, Poirier, Pope, Porter, Pothier, Pottie, Poujet, Poutre, Power, Powers, Prejean, Prejeant, Preshong, Price, Provost, Pryor, Puglist, Pyke, Quay, Quimine, Quinn, Rancon, Ranson, Rathbun, Rathburn, Raymond, Regan, Reibergh, Reid, Renaud, Repucci, Richard, Richards, Richardson, Riley, Rimbault, Rissesco, Rivet, Roach, Roberts, Robertson, Robichaud, Robicheau, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Roi, Rose, Rosong, Ross, Roy, Ryan, Sacaloup, Sampson, Samson, Sandoz, Santos, Sargeant, Saulnier, Savoie, Savory, Savoy, Scanlan, Scott, Shannon, Shaw, Shea, Short, Siddall, Simard, Simon, Sinclair, Skerritt, Slade, Slaunwhite, Slight, Smith, Snyder, Solomon, Soucy, Soulard, Spear, Stevens, Stewart, Stone, Strickland, Sullivan, Surette, Sutherland, Sutton, Swallow, Sweeney, Taber, Tait, Tanner, Tattrie, Taylor, Tell, Terfry, Terriau, Terrio, Terriot, Theriault, Theriot, Therrien, Thibault, Thibeau, Thibodeau, Thomas, Thompson, Tighe, Timmons, Tobin, Tompkins, Torrisi, Touesnard, Trahan, Trahant, Trudeau, Turner, Turpin, Turple, Tyrrell, Ulan, Upton, Vallo, VanGisbergen, Veino, Venoit, Venedam, Vienneau, Viger, Vigneau, Vincent, Vines, Walker, Wall, Walsh, Wamboldt, Wambolt, Warner, Whalen, White, Whitting, Wilde, Williams, Wilson, Wincey, Wolf, Wood, Woodin, Woodworth, Wournell, Young, and Zinck.

If you think we might be related kindly email me some of your surname information and I will exchange information with you or pass along to someone who is better prepared to respond to your surnames. Please explore this site for lots of information on the Acaadian and Scottish settelers to Nova Scotia Canada.— Email me George signature

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Claide Mille Faute, Bonne Chance and des Colores
— George Charles Rose the II, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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