Nova Scotia Genealogy

The French in Nova Scotia

The French established the first North American French Settlement at Port Royal, Nova Scotia in 1605, they lost there trading charter and went back to France, they came back in the 1630s and continued there settlement. They were eventually deported from Nova Scotia beginning in 1755. We know them as the Acadians. (Cajuns in USA)

Langlois French Acadian history

It is believed that the LANGLOIS's came from Paris, France to the early settlement of Port Royal; settling eventually in D'Escousse, Isle Madame, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in early 1800s. The BOUDREAU's (originally BOUDROT) trace their accessory to early 1600s and Port Royal, Nova Scotia; they went to Quebec, St. Pierre and; Miquelon, Madeleine Islands; ours finally settled in Petit-de-Grat on Isle Madame. The PERTUS's came from France via Senegal (French West Africa), Louisiana and South Carolina, finally settling on Cascaret Island (Pertus Island) near River Bourgeois in the early 1800s. The DOYLE's came from Wexford, located on the southeast coast of Ireland in the early 1800s. They settled in three areas that we know of, Lower River Inhabitants, southeast of Port Hawkesbury; Margaree and Rocky Bay, on Isle Madame.

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