Nova Scotia Genealogy

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The Scottish in Nova Scotia

Canada was founded by two founding nations, French and Great Britton.

My family can trace their Genealogy roots to these early settlements and founding peoples. The Philadelphia Company established the first English settlement in 1767 when the company sent thirty-five people from six families of Scottish and Irish-Scottish origin on the ship Betsey from Philadelphia and Maryland to settle on their land in Pictou, Nova Scotia. The second wave came from Scotland to Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1773 when the Hector arrived to a heavily forested and unsettled land. The earlier immigrants were tradesmen and self supporting. Later arrivals came because the Lords in Scotland who owned the land made them leave, know as the infamous Clearances, as it was more profitable to raise sheep than be paid for the lands use by the tenants.

My Scottish Ancestors

My Scottish side is the surname ROSE. The Rose Clan traces its ancestry back to the founding of the Clan in the early 13th century. My Rose ancestors came from Invergordon - Cromarty area of the Highlands of Scotland in 1818 to the Pictou area of Nova Scotia. From the Pictou area they have migrated to Halifax and Cheverie in Nova Scotia and other areas of North America. Some stayed in Pictou County area.

Several ROSE families settled other areas of Nova Scotia in the early part of the 19th century. In several areas of Cape Breton Island, Sheet Harbour, Urbania and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.