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1888 Alternating Current Distribution - Tesla (Pat#381970)



    Patent Searching CA$50/h
    Reports / Documentation CA$60/h
    Drawings / Graphic Design CA$70/h
    Other Services Negotiable
                  (Note: Filing & Search Analytics fees paid by client)



    New Individual 10-50%* Cash deposit, followed by payment of remainder upon project completion
    New Corporate 10-50%* Cash or Check deposit, followed by payment of remainder upon project completion
    Repeat either Payment required 15 days from receipt of invoice


 All objectives outlined in project agreement will be honored.
 Any errors or omissions will be corrected ASAP, with no extra charge.
 Any revisions beyond agreement  parameters may incur extra charges.
Short duration projects of less than 10 hours may require larger deposit*.
 Bank costs incurred in order to receive full payment will be born by client.
 Longer duration projects or project delays may require interim invoicing*.
 All sensitive & proprietary data receives highest security protection available.

Finder's Fee

Finder's Fee paid for inventive client referrals! (>CA$100)

     Inventive Solutions will pay a finders fee for inventive client referrals up to CA$100. If a referred client pays for a patent search, the person referring them receives CA$50. If a referred client pays for patent documentation, the person referring them receives CA$50. Finders fees will be paid only when project is completed and all invoices are paid, and are only available for one project per client.

     Caveat for referrals: The kind of clients we seek are inventors who are putting their ideas into practice by sketching or creating prototypes, manufacturing actual products, or clearly demonstrating sufficient detail about their invention to permit an adequate patent search. If you know someone with an invention, and they can provide enough detail about what it is and how it works, then it is likely eligible for a finders fee if they use our services.

This offer may be revoked at any time, but all referrals received before revocation will be honored in full as outlined above.

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