Updated Aug. 23, 2003.

Still Under Construction in the Engineman's  Shop...

A Miniature

44-Inch All-Aluminum Model Steam Tugboat

A Project Spanning 14 Years

These pages will show randomly-taken pictures of this unfinished tug which has paralleled all my other projects since the late 1980's.  It was obvious to me from the outset that my level of skill might change during the course of such a long project, so I did the best I could manage in the beginning, and was prepared to accept that as a minimum standard throughout the protracted construction period.   The project started with the construction of a twin cylinder vertical steam engine with Stephenson-link reverse gear and a Yarrow-type water tube boiler as a basis for the steam plant.   I invite you to join me in looking over this very different sixty-pound model.   - John

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