Updated Aug 23, 2003.

The Engineman's  Metal Tug:                                                                      

                                                           ...Below Deck

   Deep in the bowels of this jaunty little vessel lies a twin-cylinder, double-acting steam engine powered by a Yarrow-type water tube boiler.   A marine-pattern Stephenson Link reversing gear is incorporated on this single expansion engine.   A half-litre fuel tank is situated just above the keel, supplying kerosene to the six wick burners which fire the sixty-six tube boiler.

   The steam plant also includes two pre-heated water tanks, manual and engine-driven feed pumps, feedwater heater, economizer, steam drier, displacement lubricator, steam blower, stack damper, throttle, whistle, condensate separator, safety valve and adjustable pressure relief valve.  Instrumention consists of a steam pressure gauge, a stack temperature gauge and a water level gauge glass.

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