December 20, 2004.


Drilling Attachment for the Taig Mill

Various portions of my older site (Engineman) have been under repair over this Christmas season. this page is one of those portions - I hope to get back to it shortly after the holiday. In the meantime I would like to wish any of my visitors that have strayed out this far on my site a very sincere Happy New Year.

- John

Mill head and chuck

Above:  This shows the drilling attachment, viewed from the motor side of the mill.

BELOW:  A view of the return spring and depth indicator.
A small wire pointer not shown here provides the reading.

Quill top

The assembly is attached to the mill head in seconds by two the knurled thumbscrews shown below.

Quill lever attachment

BELOW:  A view of the Scotch Yoke system, using a flat crank plate and yoke.

The slotted yoke is the light-colored metal plate underneath. The dark plate is the crank and holds the brass pin which slides in the slot of the yoke, imparting motion to the yoke.

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