ARTIST who paints primarily in oil and water colour but also favours graphite & mixed media. My work usually reflects social awareness or personal experience but occassionally I paint landscape in honour of the beauty that surrounds my island home.

I studied Graphic Design and Studio Painting at Stockport College and the University of Salford in the UK. I also studied Illustration and Art Education at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Two Politicians
oil on canvas 76 x 99 cm

Masks of deceipt have become inseparable from the faces of the two politicians who gesture their disdain for humanity.

Fate and Destiny
oil on board 137 x 122 cm

Redefined in paint, the x-ray image of a head in profile shows threatening beaks (fate) hovering above hunched, shrouded figures plodding toward their destiny.


Great Bird of Sorrow
oil on canvas 91 x 96.5 cm

This image is based on the fossilized remains of an Archaeopteryx. The painting also refers to the poem 'Great Bird of Sorrow' as it reveals a variable host of demons - dependent on the viewer's perception.

One crow sorrow
Two crows joy
Three crows a girl
Four crows a boy
Five crows silver
Six crows gold
Seven crows a secret
never to be told.

- Anonymous
One Dead Crow
mixed media on board
21 x 30 cm
Used for the cover of my
latest book
Counting Crows


12.5 x 10 cm


27 x 16 cm


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