WRITER of adult fiction, children's stories, poetry and articles on culture, travel, education and related themes.

My latest Book, Counting Crows, is a collection of short fiction for adults, with poetry and drawings. I wanted to explore how long and dark life's shadows can be but also I wanted to celebrate the resilience of the human spirit which ultimately allows for hope and humour to prevail.

Counting Crows

The stories chart various pathways and detours in the universal quest for love. It's a journey towards joy which begins with the call of a frog searching for a mate and ends as a woman inadvertently thwarts her own desire as she attempts to construct the perfect token of her love.

Between these two way points, past is tightly bound to present and ready to snap back into focus at the slightest provocation. Needy characters form unlikely liasons; they stumble over emotional ineptitudes, are blinded by misguided perception and hampered by too much baggage but eventually routes are discovered that progress beyond sorrow and lead toward sightings of the second crow.

Excerpts: Selected Poems; Short Story Excerpts

Published by Roseway Publishing Co. Ltd., Lockeport, Nova Scotia
ISBN: 1-896496-04-0
Distributed by Nimbus Publishing Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia

Praise for Counting Crows:

"...a journey of self-discovery, creativity, joy and sorrow co-mingling, by a woman gifted with perceprion and talent."

"...wholly original, Counting Crows is reminiscent of May Sarton, Dorothy Gillman and Annie Dillard." - Frog Hollow Books Newletter

"Jenni Blackmore's writing is powerful. She can express a story's physical and emotional past, present and future in a single long paragraph."

"She subtly flexes a huge vocabulary and is equally good at surprises with everyday words." - Shunpiking Magazine

Other Publications:

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When a poor fisherman discovers that the fish flapping in his net is no ordinary catch, his world turns topsy-turvy. This retelling of the classic fairytale by the Brothers Grimm is steeped in salty characters inspired by life in a Nova Scotia fishing village.

Published by: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Toronto, ON
ISBN: 0-07-548514-1

Gully Goes to Halifax - Children's fiction
An unusual tale about a young seagull on an Impossible Mission. Gully's quest leads him to Halifax, where he discovers adventure and many of the local landmarks there.

Published by: Pegasus Publishing, Seaforth, NS

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