About the Border Collie...

The Border Collie is a breed of dog used to herd sheep, cattle and other livestock. They originated in Great Britain about 300 years ago when shepherds were looking for a dog that could gather the sheep easily over the rough pastures. The word BORDER comes from where these dogs originated, which is where Wales and Scotland bordered with England.
The typical colour for a Border Collie is black and white and sometimes with a bit of tan. There are also foxy-red and liver coloured ones. There are 3 types of coats: smooth, medium, and long. All of our Border Collies have medium coats.
The Border Collie is a friendly, even tempered dog. They are very intelligent which makes them easy to train and quick to learn. They like to please their master. The Border Collie is a very versatile breed. Besides herding livestock, they are also used in dog shows, obedience classes and for guide dogs for the blind. Sometimes they are even used for hearing dogs for the deaf. The Border Collie is very energetic and are better for people who have lots of land for them to run on.
We have six Border Collies on our farm. They are used for herding the sheep. Before we got our Border Collies we would have to run around the field chasing the sheep into the barn. This was very frustrating because the sheep would never go where you wanted them to. We are still working on training our dogs to herd the sheep but I can sure tell you that having a Border Collie on the farm sure makes life a lot easier!
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