I really enjoy raising the goats. I have to say that they are my favorite. Natalie and I used to show our Toggs in the 4-H club.

(above-FARRAH and FIONA-2 year old Toggenburg does)

Pictures of my goats:

Read below to learn more about Toggenburgs and Nubians!!!

About the Nubian ...



The Nubian goat breed was developed as a dual purpose animal. They produce both meat and milk. The Nubian is seen as the Jersey of the dairy goat breeds. Their milk has a higher percentage of butterfat. They were developed in England by crossing native British goats with the Jumna Pari goats of India and the Zariby goat of Egypt. Because of its origin the Nubian is more heat-tolerant than most breeds. The Nubian has a tendency for having multiple births (quadruplets are not that uncommon) and they will breed out of season. The Nubian has long ears that hang down and a Roman nose. They can be any color combination. For example, they can be from strawberry roan (like Annie) to brown with white polka dots to pure black with grey ears (like Chrissy). During the summer months the Nubian's have a very short, sleek coat, unlike the Toggenburg, for example, who's coat is much longer and coarse. Nubians tend to be VERY vocal. They cry when you come into the barn, they cry when you leave the barn, they cry when they want to be fed... I know this from experience! The average mature doe is 150 pounds and the average mature buck is 170 pounds.

(Both of my Nubians had twins this year but I sold all the babies)

About the Toggenburg ...



The Toggenburg goat originated in the Toggenburg Valley in Switzerland. It is considered one of the oldest and most pure breeds of the Swiss dairy goats. The Toggenburg is the smallest of the dairy goat breeds and has a compact body. They are noted for being very hardy and vigorous. Toggenburgs are also known for their high, well-attached udders. Their milk has the lowest butterfat percentage of all the dairy breeds. They have up right ears and their nose can be either straight or slightly dished, but NEVER Roman. The body is brown in color ranging from greyish brown to deep,dark chocolate brown. They have white stripes down the face (above the eyes) and down to and around the muzzle. They have a triangle of white around their tail and rump area and their leggs are white up to their hocks and knees. The Toggenburg's hair is usually long and sometimes even curly. The average doe will weigh about 110 pounds when fully grown and the buck will weigh about 130 pounds. From my experience in raising goats I have found the Toggenburg to be a gentle and quite goat (much more so than those noisy Nubians!!!).