I have some free webspace, so I'm going to find something to do with it. There will be some cool stuff appearing here soon (for some definition of cool).

Meanwhile, check out my page on the Dalhousie maths department website here

If you have any suggestions for what I should put on it, please email them to me. N.B. I don't check this email address regularly, so don't use it for urgent communications. Also, note that this website only has 5MB of webspace, and Eastlink may not let me use it for some purposes.

Here are some links to websites you may find interesting.

Okay, my first java program is ready!!! You need Java Web Start to run it. I might make an applet version if i get round to it.

I haven't added much error handling so use with care. Also, the link below doesn't work yet. To run it, type "javaws http://users.eastlink.ca/~ketobias/poker.jnlp" in a terminal or the windows run option on the start menu.(I don't know what to do on a Mac, if there are any Mac users out there who can tell me how the run it, please let me know.)

Poker Utility

The link for my second program doesn't work either. You need to type "javaws http://users.eastlink.ca/~ketobias/Phootball.jnlp" to run it.

Philosophers' Football

Quote of the week